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7 Essential Bags You Need to Have in Your Closet

Just as that little black cocktail dress or the classic white shirt
is essential to every woman’s wardrobe, there are different types of bags that should be in your closet. Here are the popular staples and the reasons why you should have them always at hand.

Black bag: Whether it’s in a compact size or it’s multipurpose, a black
purse is a must. This one below is comfortable, practical, and can hold all of your necessities.

Tote or Shopping bag:
These are spacious bags with a double handle that you can use easily for any occasion. This bag is ideal for those days when you have to carry a lot of weight due to your busy schedule.

Satchel or Messenger:
This type is inspired by the bags used by the postal service workers. They have a long strap and a cover that goes over the front. These ones are rectangular and usually have a buckle on front. This bag is perfect for a stylish college student or creative entrepreneur.

Clutch or Envelope:
It is a chic and elegant accessory that allows you to carry just the essential items. These bags do not have straps and are worn in the hand or under the arm. They are very elegant. These used to be more of an evening accessory, but now you can add them to your daily look to give it a casual touch.

Shoulder Bag or Crossbody Bag:
It has a long strap that allows it to cross from one shoulder to the opposite hip. It is comfortable and practical. It helps to distribute the weight between both sides of the body and allows you to carry all of your belongings in a more secure place.

It has a soft structure and its shape is like a half moon. It is large but very comfortable and versatile. You can take it to an appointment, to the office, a casual date on a Friday night, to a family reunion, or an afternoon with friends. It is perfect for any occasion!

It is small, narrow, and long, very similar to the French bread that bears the same name. It has a medium-sized handle which makes it very comfortable to carry. It’s an excellent option to keep your personal items separate during a normal work day.

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