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7 Cocktail Party Makeup Looks That Compliment Your Dresses

By Jessica Smith

Beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. And with the wedding season coming just around the corner, the preparations are in full swing. All beautiful ladies must have by now decoded their favorite party looks for all occasions. From cocktail to wedding receptions, every bride has for sure decided their outfit. But have you decided on your makeup looks to glam up your fashion quotient yet? Not to worry. Just in case you’ve missed out, we have 7 cocktail party makeup looks that will surely complement your dresses.

Cocktail is all about having fun, making memories with mandate boozing. Along with carefully choosing the best bottle of Glenlivet 12 and other premium whiskeys, you need to pay attention to your makeup, too. So, now it is time to decipher the party season’s most beloved makeup looks.

1. Minimal and Natural– If you are planning to don a white dress for a cocktail event, then make sure you take special care of your skin. And why? Well, because a white dress draws more attention to your skin. Keep your neutral palette with earthy tones handy. Remember, minimalism is the key. Make sure your primer complements your foundation.

2. Bold and Chic with Red– If you are looking to make a statement with your lips, then red is your color. It never fails to make you stand out in a crowd. It will give you an instant edgy style along with making you look super chic and classy. Make sure you use the shade of red that matches your skin tone. For girls with a lighter tone, the brighter shades like rose, candy, ruby, and cherry will work well. On the contrary, those with a darker tone opt for wine, mahogany, garnet, and merlot variants of red. Opt for smudge-proof lipstick to avoid any accidents.

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3. Let Your Eyes Speak-  Let your eyes do all the talking at this cocktail event. Experiment with eyeshadow colors, some glitter, eye accessories, heavy mascara, liner, and kajal. Kohled eyes look extremely stylish and attractive with most outfits. Be it a casual black dress or a red maxi or your golden gown, make sure your eye makeup and liner is on point.

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4. Accentuate One Feature Only– One thing you strictly need to abide by is to lay emphasis on one feature only, i.e. either select eyes or lips. When you try doing both, you will end up being overdone.

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5. Blush with a Brush- Warm up your skin tone with a subtle bronzer. Wearing heavy foundation and concealer is a big no. With a round brush, slightly apply blush on your cheeks, chin, and nose to highlight these areas. For contouring, stick to one shade lighter than your skin tone.

6. Champagne Makeup, Anyone? To solve your beauty blues, all you need to have is a bottle of Breckenridge bourbon, take a few pegs and try the champagne makeup look to rock the cocktail party. It is classy, elegant, and timeless. A champagne eyeshadow with a tinge of shimmer,  embellished nails, and champagne-tinted lip gloss will make your shine brighter in the party than you thought. Don this look with the all-time oldie- black dress or gold embellished gown.

 7. Add Some Spunk with Pop Colors-  How about experimenting with some neon lip or nail colors that are in contrast with your dress? These will instantly catch eyes. Try this with your girl gang! You might also go for colored eyelashes or eyeshadows, but make sure you balance it with your lip color or vice-versa or else sassy will soon become funny.

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We hope you are ready with all your makeup essentials. So, which party makeup look have you planned to go with? Tell us in the comment section below.

About the Author:

Jessica is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, She Believes that a healthy diet is a key to healthy living.

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