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7 Beauty Brands that Truly Celebrate the Woman 

What are some beauty brands that truly celebrate women all over the world?

Today, makeup is not simply stuff that you put on your face. In fact, the cosmetics industry represents so much more in the modern world.  Now, beauty brands have the opportunity to celebrate the consumer and make a difference to other women all over the world.  If you purchase makeup, it can change the way you feel about yourself by making you appear your best. It can boost your confidence level and make you feel absolutely gorgeous! But it can also be life-changing too in that it impacts other women elsewhere. So, let’s take a look at some beauty brands that truly celebrate women all over the world!

The Body Shop

The Body Shop might be just another stop for you in the mall, but did you know that this company helps women all over the world to gain financial independence and empowerment? Ninety-five percent of their products have ingredients that are gleaned through their Community Trade Program, and this helps to provide fair wages to women. For example, The Body Shop provided 528 women in Ghana wages for shea butter trade. This also boosts women’s self-esteem by providing a positive work environment. So you get to enjoy The Body Shop’s cruelty-free and vegan products and women in another part of the world are also benefiting from them, too!

Body Butter Trio: $20

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