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60s Fashion: From the Miniskirt to the British Invasion, The Styles You Still Wear Today

Shift Dresses


Photo Credit: ASOS

Are Twiggy vibes ever going to be outdated? We certainly hope not! When we think 60s, we always think Twiggy, and shift dresses were all the rage in her era.


Photo Credit: ASOS

Boxy shift dresses are such wardrobe classics, we consider them as essential as a little black dress! The shape is always super flattering while keeping you looking classically glamorous.

British Invasion

The 60s fashion scene was taken by a storm with the British invasion. Gingham and houndstooth patterns were huge during this phase. The patterns have both made a huge comeback today.


Photo Credit: ASOS

Whether in the form of blazers or pants, houndstooth has been everywhere! Our personal favorite way of wearing these patterns is through pinafores.


Photo Credit: Pemberley Lane wearing ASOS

Overalls/pinafores, whatever you’d like to call them, were also huge in the 60s and they’re huge now as well! Mix these two trends together to kill two birds with one stone and look effortlessly glam while doing so.


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