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6 Ways to Re-invent Your Style

Are you someone who is always staring at your wardrobe and complaining that you have nothing to wear? Then perhaps it is time to start looking at new style options!

Adding clothes to your wardrobe is always an exciting exercise. However, it can be a very big project too. So, if you are planning on completely re-inventing your style, it is worth formulating a clear plan of action on how you intend to do that. 

Like many women, who are attached to their clothes, accessories and shoes, the thought of parting with them might fill you with dread. But sometimes, if you wear the same things every day, you can start to feel dull, dowdy and bored. So it comes to a point where things need to change.

To be wholly invested in adopting a new look then, you are simply going to have to dissociate yourself from these items. 

While this might be hard to do initially, it is well worth it. As you will be rewarded with a fantastic new collection of clothes that look great on you and will make you feel like a million dollars. 

So, how do you do that exactly?  

Well, here are six ways to reinvent your style in a manner that’s authentic to you and shouldn’t involve spending thousands of dollars. 

Declutter your wardrobe 

Decluttering your wardrobe is the first step towards transforming your look. 

While identifying the clothing items you no longer require can be a brutal process, especially if you have great memories of wearing them. It is important to do this if you are serious about reinventing your style. 

When going through your clothes, make sure you keep only the things with big sentimental value (which, doesn’t mean you have to wear them). Or essential pieces like classic basics that can be incorporated into your new look. 

When doing this it is important to be discerning and only hang onto clothes that you love and know you will wear repeatedly. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of what you are trying to achieve. 

If you find yourself suddenly looking at a half-empty wardrobe, don’t despair. This declutter is designed to give you a good indication of what you currently have and what new items you need. 

Anything you do discard can be given to charity or sold via the Facebook marketplace. Which will give you some closure from your old style. 

Seek Inspiration 

Once you have decluttered your wardrobe it is now time to seek inspiration for your new look. 

Don’t assume you know what’s currently fashionable. After all, everyone likes their own particular styles and has a look they usually stick to. 

Instead, when undertaking the process of reinventing your style, it’s a good idea to research what’s out there. Check out the fashion websites. Scroll through Instagram. Or go to a local fashion market to establish the latest, hottest trends

Once you’ve identified these trends, go window shopping to try them on. This will give you an idea of how they look on your body. If they don’t wear quite how you hoped they would then don’t be disappointed. While you want to be fashionable, you don’t want to buy items for that reason alone.  

The goal is to look for clothes that flatter your body size and shape and enhance your natural appearance. 

If it helps, take a friend to the shops with you and ask for their honest feedback about what looks good when you put it on and what should stay on the hanging rack. 

At this point, once you have tried on a few new clothes, you will start to get an idea about what you like. So you can begin to make additions to your wardrobe. 

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Start Small 

While the aim of this undertaking is to help you completely reinvent your style, it should not happen at the expense of sending you broke. 

Therefore, it is important to take a strategic and measured approach to fund new additions to your wardrobe. 

Take the time to formulate a budget that outlines exactly how much you can afford to spend and on which specific type of clothing items. Stick to this budget and keep it in the forefront of your mind while you’re shopping. 

Once you have settled upon a budget, it will be easier not to overspend (assuming you are disciplined of course!). 

Try and ensure you stick to your budget and remember that less is more. It is far better to have a handful of fantastic items in your collection that make you look and feel fantastic, than owning a raft of clothes that do not inspire you. 

Make some new additions 

When making new additions to your wardrobe it is best to start small. 

Gradually insert subtle changes to your new look that will make a difference. Such as a cool pair of sunnies, some statement jewellery, a rad pair of jeans or a sexy skirt. 

When reinventing your style, it is important to be aware of what you want your new one to be. This is best done as a gradual process, which will give you the opportunity to refine and modify it with every new piece you buy. 

A good strategy, to begin with, is basic pieces that will define the new look. The likes of Neuw are an excellent brand to consider when doing this – you can check them out here

If you make choices that focus initially on creating a solid base of staple clothing items to wear, you will find it easier to add to them and also incorporate what you already have. 

Buy wisely 

After investing in a couple of pieces your new look will start to materialise. So, your next step is to put together a complete wardrobe of items which showcase it. 

When doing this, it is important to stick within budget and buy wisely. This means being balanced and not only buying items you need but also that complement what you already have. 

The more cohesive your wardrobe is, the more flexibility it will give you when it comes to showcasing your new style. 

In this respect, aim to buy quality, timeless and durable pieces that fit in well with what you already have.  

Wear it

Having developed a new style and bought a bunch of new clothes that fit it, the only thing that remains is to wear them with pride. 

What you wear reflects who you are, so with all these new pieces in your collection, have some fun with them and get creative whenever you go out. 

Dressing in your new clothes, and putting on your accessories for the world to see is sexy and shows everyone that you are owning your new look. 

If you love what you wear, you’ll get noticed and inspire others with your fashion choices. Which in turn will make you feel happy and a lot more confident too. 

The Take Home

Reinventing your style is not as simple as heading to the nearest shop and buying a host of new clothes. In fact, it takes plenty of patience, discipline and determination. 

That said, it can be a very fun process too. So, if you embrace that element of it, you can completely overhaul your style in a strategic way which you will enjoy doing.  

Use the tips outlined above to help get you started on creating a brand new makeover for yourself.

And remember, if you do buy some new clothes that you later don’t think to suit the style you are trying to create, you can always return them.

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