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6 Ways Living Abroad Will Change Your Life

Living abroad is one of the most eye-opening experiences. It is to embrace a foreign country and immerse yourself into an unfamiliar culture. You will experience sights, smells, and feelings you have never even dreamed of before. If you have the opportunity, everyone should try to live abroad at least once during their lifetime, and here’s why.

Living abroad expands your view of the world

You’ll never truly understand this until you stay in another country for more than a few weeks. Until then, visiting other countries can be a great experience, but only that. When you take the time to experience life in another culture, it is like another world has opened up – a world that is vast and full of richness. The diversity of the people on this earth will amaze you. You’ll find that your respect for others will increase as you begin to understand their culture.


Making the decision to live abroad is the first of many difficult, but very rewarding, choices. It forces you to rely on yourself and your judgment. You will learn to trust yourself. Living abroad can be very stretching; that is what makes the experience so worth it. It is a great accomplishment and you’ll be able to enjoy the moments of bliss so much more.

Living abroad is such a unique opportunity for self-discovery

If you allow yourself to be completely honest, you will find out who you really are. You will discover demons that didn’t know you had and you will come to terms with them (known and unknown). The result will be strength and a deeper understanding of who you truly are.

You are your own person

You are able to be whomever you choose to be in the company of strangers. This is not to be confused with traveling to escape the problems at home, because we all know that doesn’t work. You will discover that you are who you have always been. You gain
the freedom it gives you. When you leave home, it is like finding a new facet of your personality. You’ll find bravery and a raw appreciation for every moment.

You will meet the most amazing people

Sure, you love the friends and family you left at home, but you will meet the most beautiful souls during your travels. You will meet locals who only dream of leaving everything they know to travel the world, like-minded nomads who have been on the road far longer than you have, and everyone in between. Traveling makes it so easy to connect with others; typically, people are very hospitable to travelers. And through it all, you will come to see the beauty and utter diversity in everyone’s story.

You will never feel at home again

Years ago, I heard a quote that said, “You will never feel completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you will pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.” It is so true, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I have left pieces of my heart in every country that I have visited. I wish everyone the same opportunity to experience the world in this way.

Living abroad is one of the greatest things you can hope to do. You will learn so much about yourself and others as the world welcomes you beyond your borders.

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