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6 Things to Consider Before Undergoing Breast-Augmentation Surgery

When it comes to our bodies, we’re never fully happy. With modern technology, however, we’re able to make some of our dreams a reality.

Everywhere, women and men are becoming more confident and happier with how they look thanks to the power of plastic surgery. You can change almost any part of your body to reshape it thanks to surgery. Breast augmentation has become one of the more popular ways for women to increase self-confidence and sometimes even health.

Here are six things to consider before you get a boob job.

1. It’s Not JUST for Women Who Want Larger Breasts

While many women want to simply increase their breast size, breast augmentation is about so much more than bigger cup sizes.

Put simply, this procedure helps women feel more comfortable in bathing suits, clothing, and when they’re not clothed.

Additionally, there are a lot of women who need breast augmentation in order to actually decrease their cup size for numerous back problems that can arise from too much weight on your front.

2. Know Your Options

Though silicone is often the first thing that comes to mind regarding breast implants, there is another material to choose from.

This other option is a saline implant. The silicone packet is placed inside and then filled with water and salt (saline solution) to the desired size. This is a popular option because the incision is smaller than with silicone implants since it is empty when inserted.

Overall, it is important to do your research on silicone vs saline, because there are vast differences between the two, and saline has been known to look less real than its counterpart.

3. The Effects on Breastfeeding

While the implants themselves won’t impact your ability to feed the baby, there is a possibility that the nipple incision involved in many implantation procedures can affect nipple sensitivity, making it more difficult for the milk to flow.

Consider the possibility that you may have difficulty and even find yourself unable to breastfeed when you have had this procedure.

4. Pain

Like any surgery, breast augmentation takes some time to heal.

After the anesthesia wears off, you’ll find that this procedure causes some pretty serious pain, and you’ll want to take a few days off to rest when it’s all over.

While the pain differs from person to person, it’s generally recommended that you take the time that is needed to let your incisions heal. Wear loose-fitting, non-irritating clothing in order to stay comfortable during this time.

5. Effects on Breast Cancer Screenings

With implants, it will be a little more difficult to make sure that everything is OK with your breasts.

Luckily for women with implants, there is a more in-depth screening that can look behind all the concealed spots. If you have breast implants, simply inform your doctor, and they will perform a medical examination with four extra scans.

6. Maintenance

The work isn’t over once you’ve had surgery and recovered. In fact, you will need to continuously have your implants examined and replaced if necessary.

While we have gotten better with this technology, accidents like leaks and bursts still happen, so it is important to undergo frequent MRIs to ensure your safety. These MRIs are great for checking for leaks, and they’re even better at screening for breast cancer.


If you’re considering making the big change in your life to boost your confidence and your cup size, make sure that you consider these six facts about breast augmentation.

Think about the pros and the cons of this decision before you go under the knife because it is, after all, a body alteration.


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