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6 Skirt Trends for Summer 2022

There are a few certainties we all can expect every summer, ice cream given to a child will drip everywhere, sunscreen will be in high supply, and skirts will be the must-have fashion staple. Not only cute and comfy, but the skirt is also finally getting its due as a serious fashion item. The possible trends for this summer are seemingly endless. From low-rise stunners to satin showstoppers, the variety of skirts catching fire in the fashion world is mindboggling.

Those looking to predict summer 2022’s popular skirt trends will want to take their cues from the world of celebrity and sport as classics such as the pleated tennis skirt will rise in popularity along with other styles such as midi and maxi skirts. Different fabrics, such as denim, are sure to help skirts stand out.

Listed below are six different skirt trends for summer 2022.

Pleated Skirts

First up is a skirt style that has long been associated with the look of the preppy country club set: the pleated skirt. While it has always been a popular style, nothing says summer quite like a pleated skirt. When it comes to classic looks making a comeback for summer 2022, the pleated skirt is well positioned to make a stunning return thanks in large part due to its simple and timeless styling.

For those that want to get into the mini skirt look, the pleated skirt can be an easy way to test the waters. Their long lines provide a flattering silhouette and the skirts look good on a variety of body types and sizes. Pleated skirts can offer a cute and classic look, such as when paired with a solid-colored polo shirt. This summer the pleated skirt will prove that the tennis-tour-style remains fashionable and one look almost anyone can expect to look smashing in.   

Midi Skirts

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to what can be considered a midi skirt. This is because it can be an incredibly broad category of skirt that includes almost any garment – so long as the hem falls within two inches below the knee. Covering to about the mid-calf, the midi is a great skirt for those worried about sun exposure.

While some may be put off by the modesty that a midi can provide, in many situations it can be a godsend to not have to worry about what you are wearing. This can be a common worry with other skirt types – such as the mini. With a variety of styles available, the plenty of cute options help the midi shake its humble reputation. 

Pencil Skirts

Don’t sleep on the simple pencil skirt. The tried-and-true option for office workers everywhere looks to regain its crown as a summer staple and skirt trend for the boss inside all of us. The best part about a pencil skirt? Picking the right one can help hide your gut and accentuate your butt — and isn’t that what we all want in a summer skirt? 

Maxi Skirts

2022 has already been dubbed the year of the maxi skirt. (Which is good news for anyone who is over the Miu Miu’s micro skirt trend that was taking over this spring.) Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have fallen in love with the look; she can often be found in flowing jean versions of the skirt that would look as lovely and carefree on a hippie at Woodstock as they do on her today. 

Jean Skirts

When most women think of cute denim and summer their mind runs to a pair of daisy dukes. But don’t forget about the other cute jean option that is available in the summer, denim skirts. The denim skirt has long been overlooked but you can expect for that to change come summer 2022!

Jean skirts are versatile. They pair well with either patterned or plain tops. Additionally, the textured surface adds a dimension to any outfit. Jean skirts come in a variety of lengths and styles, so be sure to pick a skirt that will match the decorum you expect to bring to summer. 

Long Satin Skirts

Proving once again that everything old can be new, this favorite look of the 90s has made a big comeback lately and seems primed to take over as an “it” look for summer ’22. The revival of the long satin skirt will make it a popular choice for those looking for an elegant, yet eclectic look for summer weddings or beach vacations. 

Choose The Right Skirt For You!

So, there you have it, six skirt styles sure to have you looking good this summer. There is sure to be something for everyone, with skirts in denim and satin taking their place near traditional favorites like the pencil skirt. Not sure where to start? Study a celeb’s style that you enjoy and steal inspiration for looks and skirts you may want to try on your own.


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