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6 Low-Cost Fashion E-commerce Websites You Should Check Out

There’s no doubt that online shopping for fashion is fun. But with so many choices, it’s no surprise that many consumers find themselves faced with option paralysis, and often have to compromise their budget to get what they want. But shopping online doesn’t have to break the bank or compromise quality. There are plenty of online stores that are budget-friendly and have fashionable items that your closet (and wallet) will love. The following six fashion e-commerce stores are well worth checking out.


You may have already heard of Zaful, thanks to their ultra-targeted social media campaigns and advertising efforts. Their collections redefine today’s trends, and are among the most affordable on the online market. They also have a mobile app that’s very easy to use, with great in-app customer support. And lastly, although the company is based in Hong Kong, it doesn’t have low-quality clothing like other cheap retailers in the continent, such as Wish. The majority of users are fairly happy with the product, which are shipped in individual matte zip bags. 


Ruche is an e-commerce store that had humble beginnings, and continues to see modest success. It was originally launched out of a home by Josh and Mai Olivo, and was initially a simple eBay store. After much success, they launched their official fashion startup in California. The company offers low-cost vintage-inspired and elegant finds for the sophisticated woman. They also offer clothing for babies and have an exclusive bridal line. As a locally owned retailer, customers who purchase from them are supporting a small business with a self-made history. Sort through their collection and you’ll find pretty pastels and flowing dresses. 

“I had to work my day job, but any spare time went into finding what I really enjoyed doing,” Mai said in an interview. “I started selling things on eBay and strolling through malls with my husband, Josh, to see what else I could sell. I saw a need for Ruche—there wasn’t a store online that had the Ruche aesthetic, so I made it.”

Select Fashion

Select Fashion has a surplus of great finds and a well-designed interface that makes shopping a pleasurable experience. Shipping costs are located on the lower right corner, and on any given day, the company offer plenty of promotional codes and sales. If you’re looking for a curated fashion look, Select also has an Instashop area where you can view how people all over the world have curated their own ensembles. And if you purchase a look from their website and tag them, you’ll have the opportunity to be featured on their website, too. 


ModCloth specializes in all things vintage, and is on a mission to reimagine all the timeless aesthetics that compile the vintage history. And it’s not just about the clothes: the company aims to empower women of all ages, and has a wonderful team of in-house designers that use hand-drawn prints to make amazingly unique clothing that won’t break the bank. From retro swimwear to floral prints, ModCloth has plenty of affordable fashion finds for the classy modern woman. 

Gold Urban is a unique fashion accessory company that makes it easy for consumers to accentuate any look from any clothing retailer. Gold chains, rings, pendants, and much more are available here. Like Ruche, the company had some humble beginnings of its own when it originally launched as a men’s jewelry store over thirty years ago. To date, they’ve served many customers, from urban fashion fans to A-list rappers and athletes. If you’re looking for something more on the unique size, check out their gold diamond-encrusted emoji pendants. 

Papaya Clothing 

Papaya Clothing is a great, lesser known low-cost retailer that has plenty of stylish finds. From dresses to activewear to swimwear, there’s nothing Papaya doesn’t have on its roster of clothes. You can always find consistent sales and low-priced items starting from $2.99. No matter what your budget is, you can find plenty of outfit combos to suit it. 

And although Papaya pushes trendy clothes that follow the latest styles, the company has actually been around for three decades, making this one of the more recent and long standing companies on the ecommerce market. The company is also a manufacturer-direct business, meaning that they don’t use any middlemen, which puts more dollars into the pockets of their customers. Papaya also has over 100 retail locations throughout the United States in cities like New York, California, and Florida. 

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