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6 Inspiring Beauty Posts from Lucy Hale’s Instagram

In Hollywood, stars come and go. Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame and eventually dies down. It is rare that someone comes along and captures the hearts of many enough to be deemed one of America’s Sweethearts. Well, we consider Lucy Hale one of such rare individuals. The southern belle has been adorable for years and will forever give us serious fashion and beauty inspiration.

From her hit TV show Pretty Little Liars to her growing music career; she always remains one of the sweetest Hollywood starlet’s out there. Drama and controversy never surrounds her, only positivity and a message of self-love. We stalked Lucy Hale on Instagram for about the 50th time this year and picked out some of our favorite beauty inspo posts of hers! She loves her makeup, and we love what she does with it!

Bold and Fearless

We love how Lucy Hale unapologetically stares us down while rocking this bold fall berry lip. She chose to pair the dramatic lip with very natural makeup everywhere else. We can hardly even tell she has any eye shadow on!

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IG @lucyhale

Playing up the cheeks with a natural flush effect leaves this bold and grungy look looking quite youthful and healthy. This look definitely left us shopping online an identical lipstick!

Smokey Grunge

90s grunge makeup has made a comeback this past year, and it has especially been huge throughout fall. Lucy Hale chose to pair this already very 90s outfit of a houndstooth blazer with an equally 90s makeup look.

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IG @lucyhale

The smoky blown out eye shadow works beautifully with her greige nude lips. We especially love the ombre effect the lipstick has and how it plays up the faded effect on the eyes!

No Makeup Makeup

Ah, the elusive ‘no makeup makeup’ trend is one we’ll always struggle to master. The trick is to apply as little makeup as possible in order to freshen up your look and correct your problem areas, while looking as natural as possible.

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IG @lucyhale

Apparently it is another skill that Lucy has managed to perfect! She has a solid base on that smooths out her imperfections and evens out her skin tone, paired with a light flush on the cheeks. The look is then completed with a coat of mascara and what looks like some lip balm or clear gloss. We wish we looked this good with this little makeup!

Trust No One With Your Brows

One of the most valuable beauty lessons that Lucy Hale teaches us is the importance of brows. She’s lucky enough to have  naturally dramatic and full brows, and she doesn’t intend on letting anyone mess with them.

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IG @lucyhale

The star always chooses to fill in or draw her brows herself. Brows are the center of every look and she insists on getting them just right every time. “Brows. Must. Be. Right.” is the caption of her photo as well as her life motto!

Have Fun!

Makeup is supposed to all be about experimenting and getting creative. Yet, we often find ourselves falling into a rut and following a set of outlined rules. There are no rules to makeup!

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IG @lucyhale

Lucy reminds us of this by having a bit of her own fun with this bright purple lip. Something tells us we’ll never pluck up the courage to try something so out of our comfort zones; but if we could look as good as her in it we’d definitely try!

Love Yourself

The most important lesson we can learn from scrolling through Lucy Hale’s beauty instagram posts is simple. Be comfortable in your own skin. As much as the star loves her glamour, her Instagram is filled with photos of her with zero makeup.

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IG @lucyhale

She regularly posts herself au naturel to remind us to love ourselves and accept the skin we’re in. Makeup is fun and great to play around with, so long as we aren’t using it as a mask! If Lucy can look just as beautiful with makeup as she does without; so can you!


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