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6 Garden Decoration Ideas Using Pallets

Pallets are so multifunctional – here are some great ideas to use them to decorate your garden. 

1. Building Classy Shelves 

Pallets are used to make custom shelves. Before they are stacked with pots holding growing herbs, for attractive outdoor wall décor, the shelves are painted to match your wall or fence, arranged in a vertical formation and securely hanging. 

You need to be very careful during the painting process, to ensure that the new shelving is properly protected. According to Technical Consultant Sadolin & Sandtex, Mathew Brown, you should use a damp cloth soaked in methylated spirit to clean any natural wood surface before painting. To create a foundation on which you can apply the paint, use an appropriate primer. In addition to assisting with covering over previously painted wood, applying an undercoat also provides a medium film that gives the new color some added opacity.   

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He also adds that, during curing/drying times as well as when doing the job, it is essential that you consider weather conditions when decorating your garden. For instance, mornings can be damp and evenings can see increasing humidity levels as temperatures drop during early spring. At worst, this can lead to trapping of moisture in the film coating, or significantly slow down the rate of drying at the very least.  

If you are able to decorate in shadier weather later in the day, he recommends that you avoid working on your project during the hottest time of the day. Direct sunshine can lead to uncomfortably hot conditions – especially on dark surfaces/colors – during the middle of summer. 

2. Building A Tiered Garden With Pallets  

If you want to create a relaxing garden party environment, coffee tables are a must have. To add some height, you can place two layers of pallets on top of each other. Create a centerpiece display by placing a couple of upturned solid-based boxes in the middle. 

These garden furniture ideas can be put together whenever they are needed, even though you could install them permanently. This makes them a great option for impromptu garden gatherings. You can find used pallets for sale at reasonable prices.

3. Custom Storage Unit Using Pallets 

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Simply remove parts of the panels to create handy shelves, and voila, you can convert an old pallet into the perfect wall storage and display unit. 

You can use it to store seedling pots nearby, organize gardening necessities like twine and even hang various small tools. For the best movable and fixed holders, consider using S-hooks and cup hooks. 

4. Use Pallets To Make A Multi-purpose Planter 

Transforming your wooden crates into a planter is one of the most popular pallet ideas. With this design by My Thrifty Life for ManoMano, you can give it multi-purpose functionality as a privacy screen as well as a planter.  

For added privacy, the screen can be trained with climbing plants. Alternatively, you can create garden zones with the help of this tall planter. 

5. Daybed or Hammock area

Why not use your old pallets to build a large day bed or a hammock to lie on when you’re relaxing outside in the sunshine? Check out this buying guide

6. Repurpose Off-cuts For Smaller Jobs 

Pallets can also come in handy in smaller projects/jobs. You will be left with off-cuts after some of the larger DIY jobs. Get creative and think about integrating them in other projects, instead of throwing them into the wood chipper for composting or throwing them away. 

You can display pretty posies in vases on a small box built using a few nails and a hammer.

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