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Fabulous 2020 Hair Trends To Kick Off The New Year In Style

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2019 announced the comeback of many retro trends such as chunky highlights, statement hair clips, and ribbons. These and many other trends from the past got back in the spotlight with a modern twist. We stalked the best hairstylists and hair influencers on Instagram to detect which trends are here to stay throughout 2020 and beyond. Feast your eyes on the most exciting 2020 hair trends that you’d want to try for yourself.

Two-toned Dye Job

6 hair trends to get excited about in 2020
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Photo By @bleachlondon/Instagram

Need ideas for a fresh hair makeover? If you are a dramatic soul, classic balayage and highlights won’t do it for you. One of the upcoming 2020 hair trends will give a whole new look without taking major risks. There’s a rise in two-toned dye jobs on Pinterest and Instagram, leaving you with plenty of ideas on how to spice up your look. Although there are countless ways to sport a two-toned hair color, our personal favorite is the money piece in a chunky form. It’s about face-framing streaks colored in a different, preferably brighter color that allows you to test daring hues with minimum damage of your tresses.

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