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4 Signs You’re a Highly Sensitive Person

A highly sensitive person is characterized as someone as who feels things more deeply and picks up on the energy of others. High sensitivity is a trait that is commonly misunderstood. It is often confused with introversion. But it’s possible for extroverts to be highly sensitive, too.

If you’re wondering if you’re a highly sensitive person, these 4 signs may show that you are.

1. You’re Extremely Observant

You pay attention to the small intricacies of life and are a highly detail-oriented person. Simply being outdoors stimulates you and provides inspiration. You notice things that most people miss such as the shadows cast by leaves in the sunlight or the colors of the sky. You’re also highly intuitive and emotionally intelligent.

2. You Feel Overwhelmed in Crowded Places

It’s highly likely that you’re not a fan of busy places like clubs, concerts, and parties. This is because you have a stronger reaction to certain stimuli than others might. You’re also highly sensitive to negativity of any kind. Some locations and people may put you off simply because you get a bad vibe from them.  Spending time in such crowded environments can leave you feeling anxious and drained of all energy. To feel more secure in these situations, practice calming techniques such as meditation.

3. It’s Hard for you to Say “No”

As a highly sensitive person, you may find yourself saying “yes” to everything to avoid offending or hurting someone. For instance, there have probably been times when you’ve agreed to go to an event when you’d strongly prefer not to. Or you’ve lent money to someone or put aside your plans to accommodate someone else.

4. You Appreciate Time Alone

This is a characteristic that highly sensitive people share with introverts.  If you’re sensitive, you probably feel energized after being alone.  You’re comfortable with solitude and make the to effort to grab alone time when you can. While you may enjoy socializing from time to time, these situations can leave you feeling drained. This is because you pick up on the frequencies of other people in the vicinity.  After times like these, it’s important for you to find your internal balance by exploring your thoughts.

Final Thoughts

You cannot change your nature, but only work with what you have while trying to grow as a person. If you’re highly sensitive, take pride in your emotional intelligence and strong intuition. Avoid activities that overload your nervous system with excessive stimuli. It’s important to accept yourself for who you are and make peace with it.


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