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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Wedding to Luxury Status

If there’s ever a time you should feel like royalty, it should be on your wedding day. By choosing the right elements, you can glam up your wedding, and we guarantee you’ll love the result. If you’re in the planning stages for the big day, here are five ways to add a touch of luxury to your wedding:

1. Have Dedicated Lounges for Men and Women at Your Reception

The ladies at a reception appreciate a nice, well-lit place to touch up their makeup and catch up with guests they missed seeing out on the dance floor. Have a dedicated room or tent for the female guests, with lounge furniture and refreshments. Include the same for men, and give it a cigar and whiskey theme.

2. Send High-End Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations

Upscaling your save-the-date cards and going over the top with your wedding invitations is a must. They give guests the etiquette cues they’re looking for that tell them what to wear to the wedding. For example, a formal gold-toned wedding invitation or a save-the-date with the bride and groom-to-be dressed in fancy attire helps set the tone for a luxury wedding. Additionally, you can incorporate personalized elements into your wedding invitations, such as a blanket with the guest’s initials embroidered on one corner and the wedding details printed on the other.

3. Hire an Artist for Your Reception

Partner with a local painter or sketch artist to capture each guest during the reception in a piece of art they can take home. An artist can also capture a painting of a guest couple dancing or family posing. Having an artist at work adds a luxe air to your wedding and gives your guests something lasting they can leave with.

Alternatively, hire a painter to set up with an easel at your outdoor ceremony and paint the ceremony as the guests arrive and as the ceremony unfolds. You can also hire a celebrity musician to perform at your wedding reception to blow your guests away.

4. Splurge on a Breakfast Bar

While drink bars are common at wedding receptions, the luxe element that takes a wedding ceremony over the edge is a breakfast bar. You can work it in as an elegant part of your theme by making it a little Parisian patisserie or a simple but cute grab-and-go brunch cafe with Bloody Mary’s included.

5. Get Married at an Upscale Venue

What says luxury and romance more than a beautiful paradise? Whether you appreciate a scenic outdoor spot like the ocean or the mountains, or if you envision yourself getting married in an ancient castle, the right venue can change everything. Of course, you’ll have to consider your guests before you select any venue. However, going upscale with your venue can result in an incredible ambiance, as well as amazing wedding pictures you’ll forever treasure.

Final Thoughts

An ultra-luxurious wedding calls for pulling out all the stops, and hopefully, this post has your creative juices flowing. With the right inspiration, you can upgrade your wedding to the lap of luxury. Going upscale can be costly, of course, but there are also ways you can save money, such as by DIY-ing some of your decorations or finding good deals on invitations.


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