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5 Ways to Throw a Great Birthday Celebration When You Can’t All Get Together In Person

Online birthday celebrations are more normalized than they were in the past, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see your friends for a summer get-together. Well, not in person, anyway! If you have to stay at home, you can still throw a great party right from your computer screen. 

How to Throw an Incredible Long-Distance Birthday Party

Even when our friends and family are far away, we can still throw them a birthday they’ll never forget. Here are 5 ways to share an elaborate, DIY party from the comfort of your home.

1. Send Over a Birthday-Themed Video

Unless your party guests are super punctual, you’ll typically have an open-door policy. But that doesn’t always work for online get-togethers. If you can somehow bring everyone together at your place, you should learn how to create a birthday video that’s heart-warming and fun.

When thinking up an idea for your video, know that it’s okay to rely on the classics. For example, you could sing Happy Birthday, tell a joke, or share a wonderful moment you all had together. If you made a few mistakes in your video, share it as is! They’ll love to laugh at your bloopers!

2. Throw a Surprise Party With Decorations

Surprise parties are super fun, but they can be hard to do when you aren’t throwing them in person. Or are they? With a bit of prior planning, you can get all of your friends together and host a virtual party. Each friend can decorate their background and use party horns.

To make the surprise party really special, send them balloons, a party countdown box, a “make an ice cream sundae” kit, a classy birthday card, and/or a special birthday party in a box!

3. Schedule an Online/Virtual Movie Night

Hosting a movie night online with your friends is simple. All you need to do is pick a platform, settle on a movie your friends are sure to love, and press play. Most people pick Netflix because it’s so popular, but you can try other streaming services, like Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Disney+.

However, if you agree on a movie but one or more of your friends don’t have the service, try Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) to synchronize video playback. You’ll also get to talk in a group chat. Consider using Kosmi if you want to share your own screen with your friends for free.

4. Send Them Lunch and a Cake in a Jar

It’s common to go to a restaurant on our birthday, but if you can’t be with them, consider buying them lunch remotely. You can do this by sending them a gift card or buying them UberEats. 

Everyone deserves to splurge on their birthday, so why not buy them a lunch and a birthday cake? There are plenty of incredible bakers online who can create stunning birthday cakes, either in a jar or as a full cake, and deliver them right to your friend’s door while they’re fresh.

5. Donate and/or Go on a Shopping Spree

Does your friend have a cause they love to support? If so, you can make a sizable donation in their name. Some donations even come with gifts, such as WWF’s wildlife adoption. When you purchase a card or a plush of an animal, you’re symbolically adopting that specific species. 

If your friend is a big shopper, you could take them on a virtual shopping spree. Sites like Samesurf allow you to surf the web with someone else, so you could literally visit the same stores together. Try Uncommon Goods first for its wacky gifts and interesting local finds.

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