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5 Ways To Style Knee-High Socks

Knee-high socks first made their appearance in fashion during the 1960s. This fashionable accessory lasted until the 1980s but made a huge comeback during the mid-90s when teen comedy movies like Clueless featured chic ways to sport knee-high socks. Some think that knee-high socks are out of style, but nothing could be further from the truth. Socks in general continue to gain popularity, with a growing market size valued at over USD$40 billion in 2021.   

These stylish socks aren’t just used as part of the school uniform requirements. Now, knee-high socks can be an excellent way to spice up your outfits and achieve a chic and edgy look, as shown in this video:

They’re available in different colors and patterns to match any theme, style, or trend. Besides being stylish, knee-high socks can keep your legs warm.   

Putting together a lovely outfit with knee-high socks sounds a bit challenging, but it’s not when you know the tricks. Read on to discover them.   

1. Pair colored/patterned knee-high socks with plain clothing  

Colored and patterned knee-high socks are often the ones harder to mix and match with other accessories or pieces. But if you love a bold look, colorful socks like striped, polka dot, and Argyle socks are right up your alley. To avoid clashing outfits, pair your socks with plain clothes.  

For instance, if you plan to wear black and white Argyle socks, you can pair them with black or white shirts, shorts or skirts, and shoes. If you’re feeling playful and want to rock neon pink Argyle socks, you can match them with an oversized white T-shirt, black denim shorts, and white sneakers.  

Pairing colored knee-high socks with neutral or one-colored clothes will ensure your outfits don’t look too loud and chaotic.

2. Look sporty with Rasta tube knee-high socks  

Knee-high socks are also a great fashion accessory to achieve a sporty look. You can get a pair of white Rasta tube knee-high socks and match them with your gym shorts, tank top, and white canvas shoes. You can also wear this kind of get-up if you’re planning to go skating. Just replace your sneakers with roller skates.  

Another cute outfit is a pair of Rasta tube knee-high socks and an oversized jersey T-shirt dress. Once dressed, you’re all set to watch a sports practice or cheer on your favorite team at a game. 

You’ll find a variety of bright-colored Rasta tube knee-high socks at online shops like Chrissy’s Socks, so it’s going to be fun mixing and matching them with your wardrobe staples.

3. Add more dimensions to your black knee-high socks  

Black knee-high socks are probably the easiest to work with any outfit you have. They’re also the perfect alternative to create the illusion of wearing black boots. 

For instance, you can pair your black knee-high socks with shiny black pumps and a black ribbed knit dress. This monochromatic, edgy look will make you stand out while you’re walking on the street or hanging out with friends.   

Another style you can try is pairing your knee-high socks with black lace-up Oxfords and a loose, striped mini dress. Finish the look with a black Fedora hat, and you’ll look smart, attractive while still staying comfortable.   

Black knee-high socks can also go well with plaid clothes. Match your black knee-high socks with an oversized plaid shirt and denim shorts or a plaid skirt and a black top. Then top off your ensemble with sneakers for a fun vibe.  

4. Rock a cocktail dress with knee-high socks

Wearing knee-high socks is probably not the first thing that pops into your mind when preparing for a formal event or special occasion. But with the right piece, your knee-high socks will be a game changer. 

You can wear knee-high socks with Mary Jane shoes in the same shade and match it with a sophisticated cocktail dress. The dress you choose should be simple like a neutral-colored one. If you want an elegant look, opt for a dress in a rich and saturated hue. You’ll be a stunner in this kind of outfit wherever you go, be it a romantic dinner with your other half or a soiree with your girlfriends.

5. Bring more drama with knee-high socks and thigh-high boots  

Knee-high and thigh-high boots together add a dramatic statement to your overall look. Black thigh-high boots look great with maroon, moss, or brown knee-high socks. Just make sure that your socks are a few centimeters higher than your boots to make the combination noticeable. 

Finish the look with a comfortable sweater and skirt, and you’re good to go for a relaxing stroll in autumn.   

Wrapping up  

These aren’t the only ways you can style your knee-high socks. It’s all up to you. Feel free to experiment or try something you’ve never thought of. Although knee-high socks are considered part of winter apparel, they’re versatile accessories that you can wear with wardrobe staples all year round.

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