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5 Ways to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

I read something a long time ago that had a profound impact on my life.

It was a chain email that was encouraging people not to waste life’s precious time. It was a story about a young woman who passed away from cancer and she left a house full of expensive wine and champagne that she had never drank and a cabinet filled with expensive candles that she never burned. She was waiting for a special occasion to drink the wine and burn her expensive candles. The only thing, she ran out of time.

This story really struck a chord with me because at the time I was doing the same thing. I would only light candles in my house when guests were coming over and expensive wine or champagne was only drank for holidays or birthdays. I vowed to myself that day to celebrate the things I enjoy in my home every day. That certainly doesn’t mean I drink every day, quite the contrary, but you will definitely find lit candles in my house every day and I have my special tinctures that I enjoy without needing a reason. I realized that doing these special things for myself has been very healing and gratifying. Validating my own self worth and honoring myself through these little, usually shared treasures has become a ritual for me. Realizing I don’t need a special occasion or company to light candles or create happiness in my life. Doing it for me is enough.

Our homes are an extension of ourselves. Everything we put into it reflects into our lives. Creating a vibe or mood that is comforting and soothing can turn a home into a sanctuary and taking the time to honor and celebrate yourself empowers your entire life.
It shouldn’t take company coming over or a romantic night with your partner to motivate you to set the mood in your home, doing it for yourself is righteous enough.

Here are five ways that you can embrace your home and make it your sanctuary.

  1. Set the mood with candles, lights, and incense

Fire helps recharge our batteries. Whenever I feel weak at the end of a long day, candles really refuel my spirit. Candles, lights, and incense also have the ability to light up or ignite a certain area of your life. Hence, candles in the bedroom are not just for the lighting; they can help ignite the flame of passion in your sex life. Fire’s symbolism carries energy that has the ability to recharge your soul and strengthen your spirit.

  1. Music

The music I choose to listen to in my car or at a party is way different from the music I choose to play in my house. At home, I love playing softer music like reggae, classic rock, yoga chanting, and classical. The energy in these types of music exudes peace and contentment for me. Often, many of these types of music have hidden messages or chanting that is able to affect you on a cellular level and help shift and clean your aura.

  1. Get rid of clutter

As I mentioned before, our homes are extensions of ourselves so they also do a great job of reflecting where we are stagnant in our lives.
For example if your office is a mess and there is clutter everywhere, you will find that work will be chaotic or you feel like you can never get ahead. Another example is if your kitchen is a mess and filled with poor diet choices than you will find it almost impossible to get healthy and fit.
I think this goes without saying but if your bedroom is a mess then good luck in your partnerships.

  1. Clean but not cold

Sometimes people get so uptight about having a clean house that it becomes lifeless and cold. Your home has to be relaxed to feel warm, cozy, and safe. Have blankets or throws nearby and extra pillows. You want your home to be inviting, even if you are the only one in it! Clean enough to be safe but messy enough to feel lived (loved) in.

  1. Personalize your home and make it yours

Pictures, books, things you brought back from your adventures. Display little pieces of yourself, your family, friends, or idols. Feature things that make you happy and bring back fond memories. Refrain from anything sad or negative being displayed. You create your life and your home is a look into your future so be mindful of what you put up because it often becomes what your reality.

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