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5 VIVA GLAM Approved Cruelty-Free Makeup Brush Sets

Making the transition to a completely cruelty-free makeup collection was once so daunting. The whole change used to mean letting go of most of your loved products and being left with very few options. Well, things have changed. With the growing change in a positive cruelty-free direction came a growing demand for more cruelty-free makeup options. Where there was once a struggle to even find a good cruelty-free foundation, there are now even countless cruelty-free makeup brush sets.

Makeup brush sets are a necessity for any makeup lover. You can buy as many products as you’d like, but they’re often only as good as how you apply them! High quality cruelty-free brushes were once almost impossible to come by. Today, we’ve found that some of the highest rated makeup brush sets on the market are actually cruelty-free! Here’s our guide to the top 7 Viva Glam approved cruelty-free makeup brush sets that you need to get your hands on ASAP!

  1. EcoTools Confidence in A Bloom Beauty Kit $19.99

Ecotools have been our go-to cruelty-free brush brand for ages. They never fail to deliver unbelievable quality at such an insanely low price point!

Makeup brush sets typically stick to either face or eyes, but like the rest on our list this one comes with both! We particularly love this set because it comes with 8 limited edition brushes that EcoTools hadn’t previously sold, and we’re obsessed with them!

The set comes with three face brushes and five eye brushes, and it even comes with a cute tray for you to store them in! The brushes included are:

  • Airbrush Complexion brush
  • Classic concealer brush
  • Full setting brush
  • Precision powder brush
  • Precision shadow brush
  • Blurring shadow brush
  • Micro smudge brush
  • Flat liner brush
  1. Bh Cosmetics Rose Gold 15 Piece Brush Set $21.99

Another godsend cruelty-free makeup brush brand! Bh Cosmetics are infamous for their amazing value for money. They have such a wide variety of huge makeup brush sets at such an affordable price. Aside from their brushes- we’re also obsessed with their eyeshadow palettes!

We’ve chosen this as our standout set because of the beautiful rose gold packaging. The set comes with 15 brushes which are all you could possibly need! The brushes are created with synthetic fibers which feel super soft and make the blending process a dream!

The set comes in a beautiful quilted pouch for you to carry your brushes in! The brushes included are:

  • Angled shadow brush
  • Large classic shadow brush
  • Tapered blending brush
  • Classic foundation brush
  • Angled blush & powder brush
  • Powder brush
  • Spooley brush
  • Brow & lash grooming brush
  • Fine eyeliner brush
  • Small detailing brush
  • Angled liner brush
  • Small classic shadow brush
  • Tapered smudge brush
  • Small tapered blending brush
  • Curved shading brush
  1. Wet n Wild Pro Brush Line Brush Bundle $69.90

Wet n Wild have been killing the drugstore makeup game over the past year. The brand had previously been known for their dirt cheap products, but recently they’ve also become known for their amazing quality that’s comparable to luxury brands! When they released makeup brush sets this year, we about lost it.

The brand is completely cruelty-free and this brush line is seriously professional quality. The price range is much higher than what you’d expect from a drugstore brand, but the quality definitely reflects the price.

If the quality wasn’t enough to convince you, how can you say no to this gorgeous chrome rose gold packaging? We’re obsessed. The set comes with 10 brushes that contain ultra-soft densely packed synthetic bristles as well a dent in each handle to help you hold the brush comfortably. The set includes:

  • Precision flat face brush
  • Fluffy blending brush
  • Tapered highlighting brush
  • Blush brush
  • Precision setting brush
  • Large powder brush
  • Precision foundation brush
  • Flat contour brush
  • Tapered blending brush
  • Dome pencil eye brush
  1. Luxie Beauty Princess Jasmine 6 Piece Brush Set $95

If you’re looking for a unique, gorgeously packaged set then this one’s for you. Luxie beauty is yet another very well known cruelty free brush brand that has some amazing limited edition, unique makeup brush sets.

This particular disney princess themed set is a personal favorite of ours and we have no shame! Who said we’re too old for disney princesses? The brushes in the set come in a gorgeous gold with a beautiful print on each brush. The set includes:

  • Tapered highlight brush
  • Duo fibre stippling brush
  • Angled large brush
  • Small angle brush
  • Eye shader brush
  • Blending brush
  1. Sigma beauty Mr Bunny Essential Kit $179

It’s true, we saved the best for last. When thinking of professional makeup brushes, two brand names come to any makeup lover’s mind; MAC and Sigma. We count our blessings everyday that Sigma Beauty is cruelty free! The brand is the end-all and be-all of all makeup brushes.

Some makeup brush sets are worth the investment, and this one definitely is. The price may seem insane, but the set contains a complete collection and is guaranteed to last you for years and years!

The set includes:

  • Eyeliner brush
  • Pencil brush
  • Tapered blending brush
  • Eye shading brush
  • Large shader brush
  • Small angle brush
  • Medium angled shading brush
  • Large powder brush
  • Large angled contour brush
  • Duo fibre brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Concealer brush


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