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5 Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life During COVID

COVID has certainly put a strain on many people’s intimate lives. Some couples see each other too much while some don’t see each other enough. If you and your partner are tired of the same old in the sack, it might be time to try something new to spice things up. You have plenty of options to make things a little more exciting and interesting in the bedroom. The following are just a few ways to do it.

1. Introduce Food into the Bedroom

One way to spice up a dull, boring sex routine is by introducing food into the bedroom. Has your partner ever licked whipped cream or chocolate sauce off of you? If not, you should try it as soon as possible. Or maybe you could try another sexy food if you’re not into chocolate and whipped cream, such as:

  • Strawberries
  • Ice cream
  • Bananas
  • Champagne 
  • Cherries

2. Try New Things in the Bedroom

If you’ve never tried role-playing in the bedroom, now’s the time. Get some sexy lingerie costumes from 3Wishes and start role-playing in the bedroom to get your partner in the mood. Take your pick from costumes such as a pixie, policewoman, genie, or good witch. The sky’s the limit — be creative and have fun with this.

3. Test Out Some New Moves

If the problem seems to be that you two always end up in the same position, you might need to whip out some new moves. You can try a whole new position altogether or put a new spin on an old position. For example, the missionary position is probably the most used position in the world because it’s simple and gets the job done. But it can get pretty boring and repetitive if done enough. You can modify the missionary position using the coital alignment technique. Essentially, your man positions himself a few inches higher than usual and rather than thrusting in and out, he grinds his pelvis upwards in a rocking motion.

4. Get Some Sex Toys

Have you and your man ever experimented with sex toys? You’re in for a treat. Get yourself a good vibrator and whatever else tickles your fancy. Start browsing for sex toys that you and your man can use together, such as vibrators and dildos in a variety of shapes, sizes, and speeds. There are also waterproof sex toys you could try in a bath or shower so figure out what you need and order it as soon as possible.

5. Start Flirting Again

You and your partner probably flirted a lot in the beginning of the relationship, but like most couples, it might’ve fallen by the wayside as time went on. You get busy and life gets in the way sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it. Start flirting with your partner again by giving them sexy compliments. Tell them how good they look and what you’d like to do to them. Start sexting them and sending sexy photos of you in your lingerie. Get him excited by any means necessary.

Bringing Back the Excitement

Spicing up your love life during COVID is completely doable as long as you find the right lingerie, sex toys, and positions to make sex with your partner feel new again. Start shopping online for the things you know will blow his mind. Let loose and have fun with this.

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