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5 Things Your Customers Want from Their Beauty Products

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and if you want your beauty business to keep up with all the changes, it’s good to stay up to date with the latest and most noteworthy beauty trends. Of course, it’s good to start by following the biggest names in the industry, as it’s from them that you’ll learn about the newest and most innovative products in the beauty market. But from all the insights you can gather, it’s those of your customers that hold the most value.

Your customers are your target audience, and therefore meeting their expectations is a top priority. Their current expectations, however, go beyond the look and function of your products. Many modern consumers are also paying close attention to businesses’ practices and ethics. With more things to take into account, it can admittedly be challenging to follow what exactly your customers want. 

In this article, let’s take a look at the things modern consumers want to see from your brand. Consider these when setting the direction of your business and choosing which products to feature in your repertoire.

Products Made by a Clean Brand

As many beauty and cosmetics companies have noticed, more consumers are more inclined to buy products that they consider to be clean. The word “clean” here doesn’t only apply to a product’s appearance. It also extends to its ingredients, where the ingredients are sourced, and the process of how each product was made. With more people becoming more conscious about their purchases, you can expect your customers to start looking for products that have the words “eco-friendly,” “ethically sourced,” and “cruelty-free” written on their labels. They likely won’t mind paying premium for these products because they know that they’re supporting an ethical brand.

In line with this demand, a lot of companies in the beauty industry are making it a point to cater to the conscious consumer. Many beauty companies have started creating beauty products that use organic and natural ingredients, and they’ve either slowly phased out or ceased incorporating synthetic chemicals into their formulas. Others are adding recycled materials to their packaging to help reduce waste, and still others are partnering with environmentally conscious manufacturers like a coconut oil manufacturer known for providing sustainable coconut-derived products. Look into the new ways you can bring ethically sourced ingredients and materials to your product line so that you can gain your eco-conscious customers’ trust. 

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Brands Being More Transparent About Their Products

Apart from producing and selling cleaner products, it’s also in your best interest to be more transparent about your product claims. Consumers want honesty about where you source your ingredients and how you treat the people you work with. Above all, there’s a greater demand for beauty companies to take accountability for their actions, behaviors, and decisions. Although these demands might seem radical to some, they can strengthen consumer trust and loyalty as well as improve brand image—which are long-term outcomes that a beauty company like yours will want. 

An Improved Beauty Experience with Tech

Digital technology has become like a natural part of beauty consumers’ lives. It’s been a source of convenience that allows customers to shop, search for queries, and connect with brands in an instant. As such, beauty companies have made it a point to utilize the digital space to their advantage so that they can serve their current consumer base better as well as reach more customers. 

One of the simplest ways to strengthen your business through digital technology through your website. When a beauty company has a functional and appealing website, it’ll be easier for consumers to find more information about them and learn more about their products. Apart from their own websites, many beauty companies have also developed apps that their customers can use to directly purchase their products, complete with exclusive rewards systems. Court the large population of your beauty consumers who are tech-savvy and invest in tech infrastructure for your beauty brand.

Brands That Care About Their Customers’ Personal Needs

Modern consumers feel valued when they can find beauty products that are specifically made for them. When companies offer various products that complement their skin type, hair texture, and lifestyle, consumers have little reason to get their cosmetics, skincare, and hair care items elsewhere. 

For that reason, many beauty businesses are offering customers personalization experiences. Their products and services are now tailor-fit to suit particular customers’ needs. A popular example of this experience is a skincare quiz that can help customers determine which skincare product best suits their skin type.

Products That Embrace Inclusivity and Diversity

Lastly, modern customers believe that beauty businesses should be able to cater to everyone. Gone are the days of producing beauty products that fit only one type of audience or that cater only to conventional standards of beauty, since more people are accepting plural definitions of beauty and modes of authentic self-expression.

Inclusive and diverse beauty products are vital to the beauty industry of the 21st century. When beauty companies give more people more choices—and when more customers can see themselves in a brand’s idea of their target customer—the result is a strengthened connection between customers and beauty brands. 


For sure, meeting customer expectations won’t always be easy. With beauty industry trends constantly evolving, it’s difficult to know exactly what will make your business relevant to your target audience. But the insights above should help you understand what many of today’s customers are looking for, and having a pulse on your customers’ wants and needs will serve your beauty business well into the future. 

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