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5 Things to Wear To Grab Her Attention on a Date

Asking out your crush and getting a yes in reply is a huge sigh of relief. However, the hard part is not over yet. When you take her out on the first date, you want to ensure that you catch all her attention. One wrong move, and you can say goodbye to a future with the girl of your dreams. To make a great first impression, your clothing choice must be foolproof. 

A million questions must be shooting up your anxiety before the actual date. What am I going to talk about? How do I greet her? We have put together a list of outfit and accessory ideas to lessen the burden. The secret to nailing your date attire is to look polished while staying within your comfort zone. 

What to Wear on a Date for Men? 

Throwing on a wrinkled shirt last minute will never get you a second date. It will take effort to assemble gear that exudes confidence and charm. Remember to consider a few factors before sorting your wardrobe for the date. 

For example, you should dress appropriately for the environment. You may be off to a bad start if you show up in a laid-back, casual outfit for fine dining. Here are some date clothing ideas that are sure to work for guys. 

Casual Outfits for a Daytime Date 

Looking your best for a day date is a bit tricky. You must make sure not to go overboard with your outfit yet not give the impression that you just got out of bed. Going for a button-up shirt with denim to nail your daytime look is a solid option. To give off a more mature vibe, avoid light-washed jeans. It is the perfect combo to give a laid-back yet refined appearance. 

Another winner option is pairing polo shirts with jeans. It is a classic and understated look but enough to leave your date open-mouthed. A Henley shirt and chino pants will do the trick if you’re on the hunt for a more flattering option. This outfit adds to the appeal of your look without trying too hard. 

Dressy Evening Outfits for Nighttime Date 

Fancy restaurants, fine dining, and fancy places are usually reserved for night dates. Fancy and formal are the way to go to ensure you’re all set to match the atmosphere. A great idea is to layer your look with a jacket. It adds depth to any outfit and is a great way to keep warm at night. 

Going for smart casual also helps to make a great first impression. Choose a leather jacket or a warm yet fashionable sweater from your wardrobe to achieve the look. Opting for these options will open a world of endless possibilities. You can pair your sweater with a button-up shirt and try other styling options. 

Your Shoes Tie the Whole Look Together 

Suppose your clothing is on point and sufficient to leave an impact on your date, but pairing it with poor shoes loses all marks. Regarding the appropriate shoe choice for dates, it’s best to stick to formal wear. That doesn’t mean you can tick your sneakers off the list. Keeping it minimalist with casual clothes and clean sneakers is a brilliant idea. 

Donning on a pair of Oxfords will go well with fancy and formal attire for a nighttime date. This option may be too fancy for some. In that case, boots and loafers are great alternatives. Depending on the venue of the date, you can choose a range of boot styles. A Chelsea boot complements both casual and fancy outfits. Sticking to white sneakers is always a safe option. You can also put your best foot forward with a darker tone. 

Wear Jewelry Pieces that Make a Statement 

Anyone can put together an attractive outfit for a date. Why not take it up a notch and highlight your elegance with luxury fashion? The right jewelry includes a hint of luxury to your date look and enhances your appeal. The saying “Less is more” rings true for men’s jewelry. All you need to do is pick accessory items that make an impact without going overboard. 

Gold bracelets for men add a sense of style and class to even the simplest fits. Don’t have the time to buy a fancy dinner outfit? Pair an everyday white tee and denim jeans with a gold bracelet, and you’re all set for a date. From chunky design to a sleek piece, you can never go wrong with adorning yourself with a suitable bracelet. 

Going with diamond bracelets designs is another excellent way to glam up your look. Choosing the right accessory is crucial if you wish to shine and appear bolder. 

Other Items to Nail Your Overall Look 

Nothing will pique a woman’s interest more than a man who smells good. Fragrance speaks volumes about a man’s personal style and leaves a lasting effect on others. Wearing the right amount of cologne on dates will make you more attractive, reduce anxiety and boost your confidence. Musk, woodsy, and masculine scents work best for men. 

If your date is scheduled for a cold winter night, a scarf will add an element of warmth. It is a pretty practical clothing piece that also reflects a refined fashion sense. Furthermore, you can also pair your outfit with elegant sunglasses for a daytime date to look more flattering. 

First Date Outfit Don’ts 

  • Hoodies are ideal for relaxed gatherings, but wearing one for a first date will make you appear uninterested and unprepared. 
  • Sweatpants are a no! Put on a pair of cotton chinos for colder weather instead. 
  • Graphic tees showcase your love for a favorite TV show or band. However, dates are not the ideal occasion for that. 

In a Nutshell 

Whether you like it or not, your choice of date outfit plays a more significant role than you think. Even if you’re a guy who doesn’t know the ABC of man fashion, our guide will help to put together an outfit that turns heads. Above all else, having fun with your look is essential, but steer clear of a few clothing items for first dates. 

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