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5 Styling Mistakes That Petite Girls Should Avoid

No matter your body shape, whether you’re wide, tall, or have almost no curves or volume, it is very important to know your body and to learn how to dress it. Everyone has more favorable characteristics than others, and it is key to identify these in order to accentuate or disguise them. Once you notice the visual effects that clothing can have on your body, you can begin to dress consciously and avoid making mistakes that would make those precise garments look bad on you.

For example, in the case of petite women, it is very important to take into account your pants’ hem, the shape of your shoes and the prints that would help your figure. Here are 5 errors you should avoid if you are petite:

Picking the wrong pants:

When it comes to jeans, it can be very difficult trying to find a pair that doesn’t need to be hemmed and don’t sag in weird places. However, since it’s a basic garment that’s an essential component in almost every woman’s closet, when choosing them, you have to be careful and go for those that are cut above the ankles in order to achieve the effect of elongating your legs. Don’t pick jeans that are too long.

Shoes that shorten your legs:

In order to add centimeters, some go for high boots that go all the way up to the knee, but in reality these should be banned from your closet forever. Also, try to leave behind any shoe with a huge and think buckle on the front. The best option is to opt for shoes that elongate and make petites look taller. Pointed shoes, whether they are flats or pumps, can help you achieve this effect.

Wearing oversized bags:

Choosing this type of accessory will cause a very striking contrast that will accentuate your short stature. That’s why it is preferable to go for clutch bags or micro purses.

Picking the wrong prints:

There are some prints that can help you elongate your figure and make you look way more stylized. For example, vertical stripes will be your best allies and any type of vertical graphics will help you increase some centimeters. Don’t wear horizontal stripes or patterns!

Getting the wrong haircut:

The best option for a haircut on a petite girl is a bob cut, especially if you have an oval or heart-shaped face.

Now that you know, it is important that you keep these five rules in mind when you are getting ready to go out or go shopping. All these suggestions are designed to help you become the best version of you!


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