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5 Reasons to Choose a Canary Island Holiday This Year

Did you know that seven islands make up the Canary Islands? Most people immediately think of Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, but there is also La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro too.

Not only are these seven islands popular for supposedly having the best climate in the world, but they also boast some of the most diverse landscapes, too.

With a year-round warm climate, inspiring national parks, vibrant nightlife and magnificent beaches, they make a perfect choice for your summer or winter holiday destination.

But if you need more reasons to be tempted into visiting the Canary Islands, read on.

1. The climate is one of the best in the world

One thing that is pretty much guaranteed when booking a holiday to any of the Canary Islands is that the weather will be warm. These islands are blessed with glorious weather all year round, even during the winter months.  

During the winter, you can expect highs of 20 degrees (which is 68 degrees in fahrenheit), which is why you’ll find people flock here to luxury Villas in the Canary Islands for a relaxing pre-Christmas break. In the summer, you can expect temperatures to soar as high as 30 degrees (which is 86 degrees in fahrenheit), getting most of the heat from the Africa coastline.

By having such a fantastic climate, it means holidaymakers have the flexibility to visit at any point of the year.

2. They host some of the most fantastic festivals

Who knew the Canary Islands hosted some of the world’s most fabulous festivals? The Santa Cruz carnival takes place in Tenerife every February and has recently been voted as the second-best carnival in the world (let’s face it, nothing beats Rio de Janeiro).

The annual carnival puts on spectacular performances and theatrical shows for two whole weeks. Expect carnival queen elections, music concerts, colorful parades, show-stopping acts and crazy street parties which continue for days and nights on end.

Gran Canaria also provides its own festivals, celebrating the gay and LGBT scene. The gay-centred carnivals come complete with fantastic drag queen elections, dance parties, international DJs and flamboyant street parades year-round in Maspalomas.

 3. They’re one of the few places you can see the “Mar de Nubes”

The Mar de Nubes means ‘The sea of ​​clouds,’ and is a natural phenomenon that people try to catch a glimpse of when in the Canary Islands.

They look exactly like what they say they are; a thick blanket-like collection of clouds all beautifully gathered together. The Mar de Nubes is so big, the clouds cover the land and stretch far out, resembling the sea, but in the air.

The best place to admire this stunning phenomenon is in Roque de Los Muchachos in La Palma, due to its extreme high point.

4. They offer the best in water sports

You’ll find that each of the Canary Islands offers an extensive array of water sports, but Fuerteventura must win hands down for its wind-based water sports. It’s here you will find international championship competitions being held across Fuerteventura’s many beaches, popular for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. You’ll also experience the best of sailing, scuba diving, kayaking and deep sports fishing all around this island.

5. Spanish cuisine with a Canarian twist

If you enjoy Spanish tapas, then the Canary Islands are perfect for you. You’ll find the Spanish cuisine is centered around tapas, serving up local Calamari, Boquerón’s (a Spanish fish dish made from a tiny fish), Tortilla de Patatas (potato omelettes), classic chicken or seafood Paella and the traditional favourite – Patatas Bravas (a crispy potato dish with tomato sauce and aioli).

The Canarian twist to the cuisine involves drizzling foods with a spicy red sauce called ‘mojo,’ which is made of olive oil, garlic, pepper and peppercorns. They also have Mojo Verde, which is olive oil, garlic and herbs.

You’ll find their flour is made from grains and corn seeds; therefore pies and baked goods taste a little less ‘doughy’ and are slightly healthier.

The above covers just several reasons why the Canary Islands are among the top tourist destinations in the world. In a nutshell, if you’re a fan of all-round heat, stunning beaches, picturesque scenery and plenty of day trips on offer, these islands will not disappoint. 


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