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5 Reason to Book a Trip to Beautiful Belgium

Belgium is known for being the host of important institutions such as the European Union and NATO, a responsibility that gives it an image of seriousness. But Belgium also has a rich culture and a remarkable history long before the E.U. and NATO were formed. This country features beautiful medieval cities, rich and varied gastronomy, good beer, and an overall vibrant atmosphere. Its residents know how to live and that is noticeable when walking through the streets, squares, or canals of its magnificent cities.

5 essential things to do on your trip to Belgium

  1. Bruges: Visiting Belgium and staying without seeing Bruges is like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower: a sacrilege that you will forever regret. Its buildings are the memory of its great history, the Market Square and, of course, the canals are a magical example of its great beauty and colorful scene.
  2. Beer and chocolate: If there is something you cannot miss in a trip to Belgium is having a taste of its beer; although German beer has gained worldwide fame, the truth is that for lovers of this beverage, the best one will always be the Belgian. This coexists with another delight that is none other than chocolate. There are numerous chocolate shops that you have to visit and grab a bite of this dessert in every shape or form.
  3. Go to the top of the Atomium: There are few places that are more representative of Belgium than the Atomium, an architectonic wonder of 102 meters high that surprises when you reach the top. It’s the symbol of the city of Brussels since it was built for the 1958 World Fair. The entrance costs around 11 euros and you’ll get a chance to see a breathtaking view of the city.
  4. You can move around the country by train: Since the country is so small there is no disadvantage. On the contrary! It offers an incredible opportunity to visit every corner of the European nation in three weeks or a month thanks to the fact that it is completely connected by train. In addition, the tickets are quite cheap, so you have no excuse to discover everything that this wonderful experience can offer you.
  5. Enjoy Belgium cuisine: The Belgians are great gourmets and their food combines the finesse of the French with influences from other international cuisines. In fact, it’s one of the countries with more Michelin stars per capita in the world! Try to find vegan version of their famous mussels and fries (ever present in Belgium), the meatballs, the croquettes, the soups, the cheeses, the stoemp (mashed potatoes and vegetables), the waterzooi (creamy soup), and for dessert, the classic waffles and famous chocolate.

So much to do in such a small country. We hope you’re excited to book a trip to Belgium!



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