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5 Places Around the World that Have Become Instagram Destinations

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Would you book a trip because of Instagram?

For the last couple of years, the idea of “Instagram travel” has been a hot topic. This is the trend concerning young travelers booking trips to destinations solely because they are beloved on Instagram.

Smart Social Report has compiled a list of the most valued destinations considering the amount of likes and photos that are posted on Instagram every single day. The list goes beyond mayor cities such as New York or Paris, which are already among the most popular destinations in the whole world; it made a more eclectic selection among those that combine the greatest number of publications, the number of likes that they receive, and the average per publication. The result gives you only the authentic influencer destinations of the #Instaworld.

Istanbul, Turkey

According to Smart Social Report, with almost 270,000 photos, Istanbul is among Instagram’s favorite cities. Its cosmopolitan vibe, popular restaurants, and lively nightlife makes the Turkish city one of the top destinations. It also has an extraordinary cultural and historical heritage.

Built between two continents, Europe and Asia, it has countless religious buildings, such as the spectacular Blue Mosque and the Church of St. Sophia; markets, such as the incomparable Grand Bazaar; and bridges, such as the Bosphorus.

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