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5 New Trends in Plus Size Fashion

Plus size fashion is seeing many interesting new trends as we move into the year. Some of the trends from last year are sticking around, while many others are just hitting their stride. Whether you’re looking to make a splash at work or try some BBW dating, you’ll always be on the cutting edge when you follow these trends. We’re going to examine five of the new trends that you can expect to see in plus size fashion starting with the winter season.

1. Floral Prints Are Here to Stay

The first trend that you can count on seeing is floral patterns. They will be spending another year in racks in every fashion-conscious person’s closet. In particular, darker floral prints have emerged as a favorite in the winter, with many deep blues complemented by slightly lighter colors appearing on winter dresses everywhere. However, flowers are going to continue to be a part of most plus-size wardrobes with a variety of colors, which leads us to the next fashion trend that you can expect to see.

2. Vibrant, Bright Colors

Plus size fashion used to be more dependent on using muted colors or even drab blacks and grays to reduce the appearance of one’s size. However, the latest trends indicate that plus-size fashion is stepping out this year. Bright colors are appearing on everything from blouses to coats, infusing the trends with some much needed vibrancy. Expect to see cobalt and pink make their debut in most spring collections after spending far too long at the back of the closet.

3. Capes Are Coming Back

The saying goes that fashion is cyclical, and to some extent, that appears to be true. Capes have not necessarily been in fashion for more than a few decades, so don’t count on pulling this one out of your dresser. That being said, capes are becoming an effective way for plus size wearers to get some extra warmth in the cooler months without having to resort to a bulky jacket or ill-fitting sweater. Capes are stylish as well as poignant; they will certainly make a statement if you decide to wear one the next time that you go out on the town.

4. Patterned Jumpsuits

Another trend that you can count on seeing for the plus-size fashion community is patterned jumpsuits. These effortless outfits allow you to slip into something that is incredibly fashionable and can be worn with some wedge heels for a great look. The patterns for these jumpsuits range from the continually popular floral to the newer geo-patterns that are reminiscent of basic shapes. With a whole range of colors from which to choose, the pairings for a patterned jumpsuit are nearly endless.

5. Wrap Shirts

Successfully dressing for your curves is one of the biggest challenges that face plus size fashion. These interesting shirts feature a look that hugs curves in the right way while still being comfortable. This delicate balance of comfort and fashion is going to be big from spring onward throughout the year. Paired with something as simple as leggings or jeans provide a great look that is very easy to get together on short notice.

As you can see, this coming year is going to be a big one for the plus size fashion world. New looks, colors, and patterns are going to make their debut and bring some much-needed change to closets everywhere. While you may see some familiar items make a triumphant return, the majority of the fashion trends you can expect to see will be brand new. All in all, you can expect to see more unique looks than the ones we mentioned, but these are definitely some of the most significant upcoming trends.


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