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5 Natural Ways to Lighten Your Hair

No one truly knows if indeed blondes have more fun, but almost everybody wants to know how it feels to have golden hair. The problem is that, when it is not your natural tone, it is something a little bit complicated to achieve.

Probably one day you got bored with your hairstyle and decided to try something new. You have already tried hundreds of different cuts and you want something radical, so an idea crosses your mind: What if I become a blonde?

The first thing that stops this dream is thinking about the aggressive chemical processes that you’ll have to endure, in addition to all the maintenance you will need. So, you start questioning yourself: what if I do not like it? What if it ruins healthy hair? And what if I bleach it so much that I cannot go back to my natural color for years?

Don’t worry. If you are looking to lighten your hair, instead of a drastic change such as going platinum, then there are a number of ingredients that can help you achieve a more golden look. These are great options to lighten your hair in a natural way, without becoming a slave to the chemical dyes. Oh, and without damaging your hair.


This is a very simple and useful trick. You just have to squeeze the lemon juice, sprinkle it on your hair and expose yourself to the sun for about an hour. In this way, a smooth and natural discoloration will be achieved. However, it is not recommended for very dark hair, because your hair could end up looking orange.


This can be used to both lighten and darken your hair. The right way to illuminate the tonality of your locks is to prepare a mixture of henna and hot water. Then, apply it from the root to the tips. Wait about two hours to wash it off your hair.


Put a little honey on your hair for a few minutes before washing. This is a very good way to really lighten the tone of your hair, thanks to honey’s natural peroxide. It also softens your hair.


This trick could take a little longer, but it’s worth a try. First, mix three tablespoons of cinnamon with three of conditioner and stir to apply to your hair. Then put on a bathing cap. Wait between six and eight hours to wash it off and notice the end result.


This infusion has been used for years to lighten hair. The ideal way to do it is to place it directly on your hair and then rinse it. However, you can also find tons of organic shampoos with chamomile available on the market.

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