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5 Natural Oils to Replace Your Lip Balm

There is nothing more uncomfortable in the world than dry lips. They are painful, they do not look good, and they make putting on lipstick a nightmare. Maybe that’s why living without a balm is almost impossible. There is no such thing as having only one. You must have at least three, one to keep at home, at the office and other to carry with you at all times.

Balm seems like is only really necessary when the weather is cold and dry. But the reality is that you don’t need to apply only balm. Actually, there are other more natural ways to protect and care for your lips.

You could use any vegetable oil to moisturize your lips (just like the skin in any area of your body). However, here are those vegetable oils that have a consistency more similar to the commercial lip balms to which you are accustomed, so that you do not find it too strange, especially if you are still experimenting and testing natural cosmetics.

So if you are a lover of DIY experiments, you can use ingredients available in your home and pay close attention, because one of these oils are perfect to make your own balm or, why not, use it on their own.

1. Camellia oil

An oil is extracted From the camellia flower that has anti-aging benefits and promotes the production of collagen in the lips, making them look bigger and softer. Just apply a little bit of Camellia oil and you’re done.

2. Sweet almond oil

This type of oil is heavy and intense, which is perfect to retain the moisture of your lips and keep them hydrated. Put a little bit on the tip of your index finger and apply softly on your lips.

3. Pink geranium oil

If your lips are dry, this oil is particularly good for you. In fact, it is so good, that it is an ingredient that the beauty industry uses a lot in their products, specifically creams and body lotions.

4. Carrot seed oil

The oil of this seed is super nutritious and antibacterial, which helps fight infections and dryness in the corners of the mouth.

5. Coconut Vegetable Oil

Coconut vegetable oil has a semi-solid consistency, especially in winter. In summer, with the heat, it becomes liquid. It is very easy to apply and of course, its texture is very similar to conventional cocoa. In addition, it has the advantage of its seductive coconut fragrance, something that’s quite common in commercial lip balms.


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