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5 Must-Haves For Every Coffee Lover

Many people love their coffee and cannot do without their cup of coffee in the morning. If you love coffee, going one day without it could make you lose your mind.

Therefore, you should ensure that you have everything necessary to take your cup of coffee whenever you want. If you are a coffee lover or have a coffee lover in your house, there are various things that they like to use.

Some are a must-have for many coffee lovers, which include:

A Coffee Maker

Most coffee lovers prefer to make their own coffee and will only buy coffee if they have to, for example, if they are not at home or there is no coffee in the office. One thing that every coffee maker should have is a coffee maker.

You will be surprised at how many people opt to buy expensive coffee while they can make their own. Every coffee lover should have a coffee maker, preferably a glass Chemex coffee maker.

The Chemex coffee maker only requires you to buy filters and coffee grounds. You make your coffee by pouring hot water over the grounds and disposing of the filters when done. By making their coffee, coffee lovers can learn to make their coffee healthier and more flavorful

Gooseneck Kettle

A gooseneck kettle is essentially a standard kettle with a long curved spout. The benefit of using a gooseneck kettle instead of other kettles is the precision and control it gives you when you pour your coffee.

Even when using a coffee maker like the Chemex, the gooseneck kettle will help you pour the hot water evenly over the ground instead of dumping water over them, leading to better coffee.

Gooseneck kettles can be part of coffee gift sets, or you can buy them as a single item. Regardless, it is something that every coffee lover should have. Many brands make gooseneck kettles, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one. 

A Digital Weighing Scale

If you love your coffee, you know you should weigh your beans before putting them in the coffee maker. The weighing scale is particularly useful if you measure beans for roasting at home or have a recipe with exact measurements.

No matter how good you think you are at eyeballing measurements, there is no substituting the accuracy of a weighing scale. A weighing scale is relatively cheap and will help you enjoy your coffee. 

Coffee Grinder

If you are making your own coffee, you will need a coffee grinder. Many people prefer to grind the coffee manually using a hand grinder, but an electrical grinder often does a much better job.

As soon as you grind coffee beans, the oils inside them start to disappear, resulting in a relatively stale cup of coffee. If you want a fresh cup of coffee, depending on which time of day you like to enjoy yours, you should grind the beans using a conical burr coffee grinder.

A coffee grinder could be expensive, but it will serve you for years and is easy to repair when it breaks down. When you need to shop for coffee blends or grinders, make sure to consider the freshness of the beans and choose reputable brands that offer high-quality products. It’s important to be aware of the roasting date and packaging methods used by the company, to ensure that your coffee is as fresh and flavorful as possible.

High-Quality Coffee Beans

Any coffee lover who likes to make their coffee should have a bag of high-quality coffee beans in their house. Depending on your preference, you can choose between coffee blends or pure types of coffee beans.

The coffee beans you choose will directly impact the taste of your coffee beans. Therefore, you should research before deciding which coffee beans you would like. 

There are many things that a coffee lover should have. However, the basics are the most important, and the items above are some.

If you have the above items, you should be able to make a sumptuous cup of coffee in your house that you and your loved ones will immensely enjoy. 

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