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5 Must Haves for a Perfect Wedding Day

Ask most women and they’ll say their wedding day was the happiest and most special day of their life — at least for a large majority. However, it can totally be all that and more for you and your partner, as long as you prepare and plan appropriately for both the good and the bad.

Is rain in the forecast for your outdoor wedding? What about travel restrictions due to COVID-19? Can you trust that your cakemaker and florist will come through on your big day? While you don’t want to assume the worst, make sure all the logistics are nailed down and have a backup plan (or two) in place.

Pulling off an amazing wedding with virtually no mistakes is quite the feat, but it can be achieved. If you want your wedding day to be as perfect as possible, here are a handful of must-haves to make it a reality.

1. The Perfect Dress

Popular culture would have you believe that finding the perfect wedding dress is the most important part of planning your wedding. That’s just the hard and true facts, which is why brides-to-be stress nonstop about finding the dress of their dreams — one that will make them look breathtakingly beautiful and have the spotlight on them throughout the evening. Indeed, your wedding gown should make you the center of attention by highlighting your beauty and helping you express your unique style to the world.

2. Bridal Lingerie

Your big day wouldn’t be complete without having the perfect set of sexy bridal lingerie to add that extra little spark to the evening. Indeed, ending your wedding night with the perfect nightcap means ensuring you and your groom have everything you need to enjoy yourselves in privacy.

Whatever you decide on — perhaps it’s a babydoll set, romper, teddy and/or some crotchless lingerie — have a couple of options to help set the scene for the perfect wedding night. Celebrate the night away in a sexy little number your partner will remember anniversary after anniversary. And don’t forget a garter to uphold tradition!

3. Hair and Makeup Artists

Consider hiring hair and makeup artists for you and your bridesmaids. This way, you can leave it all in the hands of professionals, creating a much less stressful wedding day and allowing you and your closet group of girlfriends to relax and get ready in style. Just be sure to schedule your hair and makeup artists four to five months in advance and confirm over and over again that they arrive at the wedding venue with plenty of time for final preparations.

4. A Great Venue

Location, location, location. When it comes to planning your wedding, the venue can set the tone for how the ceremony and reception will go, so make sure you select a setting that’s idyllic for your big day. After all, you’ll want a spacious venue that’s accommodating and doesn’t have too many restrictions, particularly regarding alcohol, décor, occupancy and noise. Additionally, make sure there’s enough privacy for you and your guests and consider things like:

  • Lighting
  • Acoustics (for the ceremony and reception)
  • View
  • Parking spots

5. The Perfect Band or DJ

A wedding wouldn’t be complete without some great music to shake your groove thing, so decide whether you want to hire a band or DJ and start looking for local talent. From there, sit down with your fiancé and create a playlist of your favorite dance-worthy songs for the band to perform or DJ to play. Because guests of different ages will be in attendance, try to make a solid mix with a range of popular songs and music genres. After all, you want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time, not just you and your partner. You might even want to test out the venue’s acoustics before your big day so that there are no issues or last-minute surprises.

Planning Your Perfect Wedding

Pulling off the perfect wedding can be challenging, but it’s more than possible. So, start planning your ideal big day by finding the perfect wedding dress, venue, hair and makeup artists and music.

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