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5 Most-Common Injuries Caused By Dirt Biking

Motocross, Dirt Bike Riding, and Racing are all sports for an adrenaline rush. Such thrill-seekers are like a different species that does not mind getting some scratches. But they are still human, so injuries are also common; in that case, the odds are against them. With these extreme-risk sports, accidents and crashes happen at times. 

You can not always prevent a crash, and that’s how you get injuries. Some of them are minor. Meanwhile, others are severe enough to put you in bed for a long time. (Not to scare you, but Dirt Biking accidents can even kill a person if not riding carefully.)

Regular riders face such injuries at least once in their time. We had a look into dirt bike injuries and recent statistics. As a result, we found some common injuries that Dirt Bikers face.

Broken Collar Bones

One of the most common dirt bike injuries is Broken Collar Bones. Usually, as an instinct, you put out your hands whenever you face a crash or fall. That is why this injury occurs and is common among motocross bikers. In an attempt to break the fall, riders hurt themselves, and the impact of damage depends on the speed at which they fall. Such injuries last about 4-8 weeks, and surgery is a must in case of severe impact.

Ankle or Wrist Sprain

Ankles and Wrists are complex joints and are more prone to injuries when you fall or crash. As a result of the awkward falls, or a simple collision between two dirt bikers, they can face ankle or wrist sprains. These injuries need a calming gel and a few days off from riding to heal. On the other hand, if it’s a third-degree sprain, you may need a doctor immediately.

Concussion or Head Injuries

The most catastrophic injuries are those to the head and back. In the worst situation, they may cause the bike to run slowly. If you ride motocross for a long enough time, you’ll eventually take a blow to the head. There are four classifications for concussions: the classic light hit and grades 1, 2, and 3. You may need to rest for days or even months, depending on how extensive the head injury was. It’s better to wear a Fox Helmet to avoid the possibility of a concussion during a crash. However, no matter how little, anyone who experiences concussion symptoms for more than a week should visit a doctor.

Dislocated Shoulders

Dislocation of the shoulder is reasonably possible if a rider survives a bad crash without breaking their collarbone. The length of recovery will primarily depend on how severe the dislocation was. Only until the rider is no longer in pain, which could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3–4 months, can rehabilitation exercises start. How do you stop it? Unfortunately, like with other motocross injuries, you cannot do much to prevent harm unless you can avoid the crash.

Disfigure or Facial Injuries

Riders often hurt their face when in a crash during motocross racing. The reason is they are not wearing anything on their face. The helmets protect them from severe head injuries, but their eyes, nose, ears, etc., are still prone to danger. If someone falls on his face or hits a tree due to the crash, he will likely be disfigured or hurt badly. You can avoid this by wearing the proper headgear and keeping yourself safe while riding.

Final Words

It’s common for dirt bikers to have injuries. But applying safe riding techniques and learning the right way to ride without getting hurt can help you avoid crashes. Wear enough equipment and protect yourself from accidents as much as you can. You can even look for some reliable Dirt Bike related gear, helmets, and other accessories that may aid this prevention.

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