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5 LGBTQ Beauty Vloggers that Make YouTube a Better Place

Beauty is non-binary and is there to be enjoyed by all.

In terms of inclusion and tolerance, we have come a long way. It’s very exciting to watch our society progress and see everyone living their most authentic selves. These beauty gurus not only have an unparalleled talent, but are also examples of life with which others can totally identify with and have opened a door to fight for our dreams without fear for what others might think.

Pride month may have just ended, but we’re here to celebrate our love for this community every day of the year. Here are some of our favorites LGBTQ beauty vloggers determined to make YouTube a better place.

Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid is one of the top beauty bloggers on YouTube and was so even before she came out to her fans. Her cheerful and funny personality is what snagged them in the first place, and is still what keeps her subscribers happy.

Patrick Starr

Patrick Starr has become a star of the drag scene and he already has his own special makeup collection released
in collaboration with MAC Cosmetics.

Victoria Volkova

Vico is the first Mexican trans woman to document her transformation on YouTube. Now, you can follow her channel for beauty and lifestyle tips.

Manny MUA

In addition to being extremely talented, Manny MUA became Maybelline’s first male ambassador in early 2017. Fierce!

James Charles

James Charles’ makeup looks are THE LOOKS! His work is just so impressive and out of this world that he caught the eye of CoverGirl. The historic beauty brand made him an LGBT ambassador last year.



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