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5 Hidden Destinations in Mexico for the Adventure Lover

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Grutas Tolantongo

Grutas Tolantongo is a resort hiding in between the mountains of the Mezquial in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico. While the resort accommodations make you feel like you are “glamping,” the activities at this resort are more than incredible. There are two major attractions: the grottos and the waterfall. The waterfall is enormous, and the water of the falls leads down into a sectioned-off river. All of the water is natural hot-spring water. Swimming in a natural pool behind a waterfall in hot springs is an experience alone worth traveling to Hidalgo.

The grottos have attracted the most attention for this resort, becoming a social-media sensation. They are warm hot-spring filled pools sculpting themselves over the side of the mountain. From the pools, you can overlook the beauty of the Mezquital Valley.

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