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5 Fashion Tips for Women

Any contemporary woman wants to look attractive and follow the latest trends in the world of fashion. Of course, it’s not always so easy to do, especially if your life’s rhythm is crazy – for example, when you work, raise your kids, care about the family, but still need some time only for yourself. With our useful and simple tips, any woman can be the center of attention, wherever she goes!

  1. Create a capsule wardrobe. Just make sure you have some basic things, including a pair of jeans that fit excellently, a little black dress for a special occasion, a classic blazer, a skirt that suits your figure, a leather jacket, and several T-shirts. It’s easier to invest in a capsule wardrobe to mix various things together and get many variants of interesting outfits for any occasion.   
  2. Choose shoes and accessories meticulously. When selecting shoes and accessories, pay attention to colors and sizes. If your shoes are in a different tone of your outfit, get a bag in the same color as shoes. If you are wearing massive earrings, do not mix them with any other big accessories like a necklace or a bracelet because there will be too many of them. Also, mind the occasion you are going to: it’s fully acceptable to wear a shiny necklace in the theater, but when you’re going for a walk or on a date, it’s better to choose more playful and refined accessories like a sophisticated bracelet and a chain. 
  3. Get a pair of glasses to match your style. Eyewear is a special part of your look you should choose with attention to emphasize your style and facial features. If you are wearing eyeglasses, select frames that match your face shape. Simple and elegant models are perfect for everyday wearing, and there are many impressive spectacles to complete your outfit for a special occasion. Needless to say, the pair of glasses should fit perfectly and you have to feel comfortable in them. The same with sunglasses – these accessories must be selected paying attention to your age, style, and personal needs. The frame should deliver good UV protection to keep your eyes covered from the harmful sun. If you are looking for high-quality eyewear in New York, visit EuroOptica store at 280 Columbus Ave, Manhattan to choose a perfect frame that will suit your taste and requirements. At EuroOptica, any modern woman can find excellent and authentic collections of stunning eyeglasses and impressive sunglasses designed by famous European manufacturers, including Theo, MYKITA, Lindberg, Face-A-Face, Oliver Peoples, Lafont, and many others.   
  4. Mix textures and patterns. Do not be scared to experiment with various patterns and textures to create interesting outfits. If you want to create a bold fashion statement, choosing clashing prints and textures will be a perfect idea!  Of course, if you are just searching for your style, try to start by adding some patterns as a small element of your outfit – this can be a tie, a clutch, or a scarf. We also suggest making new ideas with low-key textures like knits and leather.
  5. Play with colors. Many women prefer neutral tones in their wardrobes, and sometimes it looks a bit ordinary. Try to add some fresh colors to your outfit – if you’re nervous, get just the one piece like a bag, shoes, or a scarf, and keep the rest of the wardrobe neutral. Discover which color mixes suit your style perfectly, and always experiment with new colors to get new, attractive, and fashionable ideas. Take your inspiration from the latest vogue trends to create interesting looks!

Any woman can look beautiful if she has found her style and feels comfortable and confident wearing her clothes and accessories. We hope that our fashion tips were useful to create attractive and interesting looks for an everyday outfit or for any special occasion.

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