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5 Easy Ways To Spot a Fake Louboutin

With technology becoming more accessible and marketplace purchases becoming more popular, there are more fake designer products than ever before. It takes brand knowledge, a keen eye, and a wary disposition to spot a fake before parting with your hard-earned money.

Christian Louboutin shoes are one of the most recognized designer brands in the world. At more than $1,000 a pair, you’ll want to confirm that you’re buying the real thing.

Here are five easy ways to spot a fake Louboutin.

The Certificate of Authenticity

The easiest way to spot a fake Louboutin shoe is the certificate of authenticity. This card is typically red, with gold branded script, outlining that the shoe was made with real leather and a dedication to quality.

So how can a certificate of authenticity help you beware of fakes? Simple: they don’t exist.

Many scammers will create a beautifully branded certificate of authenticity with their knock-off Louboutin shoes. If you’re buying this iconic brand, you already know they use real leather and high quality materials. The designer isn’t going to be redundant or cheapen the name by pushing that information with a certificate.

In other words, if it comes with a certificate of authenticity from the designer, it’s not authentic at all.

The Dust Bag

Within each box of Louboutins is a cotton dust bag that’s designed to keep your shoes clean and scuff-free. While the bag is red cotton, it’s often confused for velvet because it’s so soft and plush. The dust bag should be cherry red with neat, overlapping stitches, a drawstring, and a general sense of quality. If the bag seems cheap or flimsy, it’s a fake (and so are the shoes).

When you purchase Louboutins, you’ll also receive spare parts for your shoes in the dust bag. These come in a smaller dustbag, not a plastic bag. If the extra accessories come in a plastic zip-style bag within the larger dustbag, it’s a fake.

The Signature Red Bottom

Louboutins are recognized around the world for their iconic red leather soles. One of the easiest ways to recognize a false Louboutin bottom is to look for a plastic or faux leather material. The bottom will be imprinted with the size, logo, and the words “MADE IN ITALY” in all caps, evenly spaced.

Keep in mind that because the red bottom is so recognizable, scammers will invest more time and effort into making this part of the shoe look real. The differences between a real and a fake may be subtle — poorly spaced letters or a messy logo stamp, for example.

The Printing and Embossing

As mentioned above, the subtle details of a fake are often the most telling. Compare an authenticated Louboutin logo to the one you’re eyeing, and watch for inconsistencies. The logo stamp may be a little messier or thickerer than the authentic version. The letter spacing might be slightly off, or the font might not quite match.

There’s also the printing inside the shoe to look for. The “PARIS” print inside the shoe should be at mid-point, with plenty of space between it and the logo. The typography should be thin, clearly defined, and elegant, not bulky or overcrowded.

Finally, note the printing on the box and dust bag. If it seems slightly misprinted or off, there’s a good chance it’s a fake.

The Overall Quality

Finally, you get what you pay for with Christian Louboutin. The shoe should be elegant and well-structured with clean lines, solid backings, and high-quality construction. You’re looking for signs of asymmetry between the two shoes, rippling, or hard edges.

How To Compare

It’s worth noting that there are a lot of well-done fakes out there. It’s often a combination of subtle features that reveal a Louboutin to be a fake. When in doubt, take it to an expert for authentication.

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