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5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Weddings will always be expensive, but there are many ways you can save money on your wedding without jeopardizing the day. You need to create a flexible budget where you can add and extract certain purchases with ease. The best way to save money on your wedding day is to choose certain areas to save money in, to make room for the larger purchases.

Certain aspects of the wedding that may not be as important as others can sometimes rack up a lot of the wedding budget if you aren’t careful, so it’s important to list these areas and figure out the cheapest budget for them. There are many ways to save money without sacrificing your overall vision.

1. Utilize a Wedding Website

Instead of sending out invitations for every individual aspect of the wedding, you can choose to utilize a wedding website. Sending out bulk invitations can be pricey, especially if you are sending them all over the country. A wedding website will let you direct everyone to the website for monthly updates on rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, transportation and accommodation, or day-after brunches.

A wedding website also makes it easier for last-minute changes since updates by mail can take a lot longer. Your guests need to find out everything as soon as possible, especially when it comes to a cancelation or venue change. It’s also a fun way to introduce your bridal party and offer some fun facts about everyone.

2. Wedding Dress Shop Early

Wedding dresses are one of the major aspects of the day, and the bride should prioritize dress shopping as soon as she can. Deciding to shop for the wedding dress early ensures that the bride can take the time to find the dress of her dreams without the added stress as the big day approaches.

Brides should try to shop at least eight or nine months ahead of the wedding day to find the right dress and avoid the rush and last-minute alteration fees, which can add up quickly. Not only will shopping early save you money, but it will also give you peace of mind that you’ve found the dress way before the big day and can now focus on other aspects of the wedding.

3. Stay Flexible on Timing

Certain days like Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular and common days that couples have their wedding on, which means that these days can be pricier than others for venues. It’s best to avoid these days and peak wedding season to save money.

If you want to save money, try to have your wedding between November and March, as this is the wedding off-season. It’s best to have your wedding during the off-season, otherwise, every aspect of the wedding will be in high demand during peak wedding season. When staying flexible on timing, be sure to have a contingency plan in place for any weather changes along the way.

4. Consider Alcohol Costs

When the ceremony is over, the reception is where all the costs add up. Most weddings offer alcohol and have an open bar, which can become very expensive if you aren’t careful. If an open bar is a must-have for your wedding day, consider paying per person rather than per drink.

If all the open bar options are too expensive, you can always buy your alcohol from a liquor store. If this sounds like something you want to do, it’s best to find a liquor store that offers returns, so you can bring back unopened bottles and save money. It’s also best to limit cocktail hour, as these are the most expensive alcohols to have. However, you can always choose to make some of your signature cocktails in bulk.

5. Choose Flowers Carefully

Believe it or not, flower bouquets can end up being very expensive if you aren’t careful. However, there are many ways to cut your flower budget in half while still creating beautiful centerpieces. If you choose larger but pricier flowers, you can make a grander statement in your centerpieces. The good thing about larger flowers is that you may need less of them, meaning you can stick within budget.

After discussing your budget with your florist, it’s best to stay local and seasonal. Buying in season will guarantee the freshest blooms and a cheaper stem cost. If you shop locally, you’ll save on transportation costs, especially on international shipping.

Expensive Weddings Aren’t a Must-Have

Weddings will always involve costs, but they don’t necessarily have to be budget-breaking expensive. Shop early, smart and stay flexible to achieve the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. Whether you utilize a wedding website, buy your own alcohol, or choose larger flowers—you’ll be able to save much more money than you realize.

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