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5 Easy Tips to Avoid the Cold and Flu This Winter

We are in the throes of another crazy cold and flu season. This can mean facing an onslaught of bugs head on! Whether you are at work, shopping, or eating out, it’s easy to be exposed to cold and flu viruses.

Try these five easy tips to keep those bugs at bay.

Eat more veggies

Always great advice, but it’s sometimes tough with a busy schedule!
Eating the rainbow can help your body keep its natural defenses up. The best way is to plan in advance with pre-cut carrots, peppers and hummus, or kale and other veggie chips for snacks. They travel well and will provide that extra boost you need.

Black Elderberry to the rescue

First of all, black elderberry syrup tastes great but its biggest claim to fame is that it naturally supports a healthy immune system. If you do become ill, it’s clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold and flu.
Sambucol Black Elderberry makes gummies and syrup that are great to take before you get sick or to get well quickly. Because they are so yummy, it’s easy to take it every day.

Cut down on sugar

For many of us, stress equals sugar. It’s difficult to not want to grab that slice of cake when things get crazy. Have plenty of fruit handy to help with cravings. Create your own chocolate treats with dark, unsweetened chocolate and use stevia as the sweetener. It will be fewer calories, and it’s better for you and your waistline, too!

Keep it moving!

Fall and winter can be a difficult time to maintain your workout. Days are getting shorter, there are fewer summer swimming trips, and weekend sports may have you feeling sluggish. Find a fitness class you love so you feel motivated or use a workout app! Find fun activities that the kids can join in, like a family game of touch football, or just enjoy a crisp evening stroll. Do whatever it takes to keep moving and your body (and mind) will thank you.

Wash up

Keeping hands clean with simple soap and water is one of the easiest ways to stop the spread of germs. As we touch things (school lockers, stair railings, etc.) that may have germs on their surface, it’s easy to spread them. Hand washing throughout the day, along with keeping hands away from the face, is an excellent habit for children and adults alike.

Use these simple techniques to help fight cold and flu and overall good health. They will help you to spend more time feeling great!

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