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5 DIY Ways to Customize Your Shoes

Everybody loves to add their personal touch to fashion and showcase it proudly. Therefore, here are five ideas to customize your shoes. These are very original and avant-garde DIY techniques. You can fit them to your liking and take advantage of the materials you have at home.

  1. Do you have any blouse or jacket that you want to throw away? Don’t do it just yet; here is a way to transform those shoes that you’ve worn so many times and leave them as new.

    Take a little bit of white glue, and with the help of a brush try to add a coat of glue to the shoes. Do it very carefully and try to avoid any wrinkles. Then you can start adding all kinds of details such as pompoms made of the fabric from your discarded clothes. You can also do the same with some lace fabric.

  1. If you start to get bored with your monochromatic shoes, just give it a little shine. Get a glue gun and begin to add some rhinestones. Use some tweezers to add it one by one.

    Another fantastic option is adding Swarovski Crystal rhinestones to your heels and voila! You’ll have an impressive and very glamorous pair of stilettos in your closet.

  1. If you have a pair of sneakers made of soft fabric then let your creativity flow. You can draw an outstanding design of whatever you want: A print, a slogan, a logo, etc. You can even add a coat of glue on a specific area in your shoes and then add some gold glitter. The end result is a pair of sneakers that will stand out wherever you go.

  1. This next idea may not for everyone, but it is really fun and colorful. Take a bunch of buttons, regardless of their color or size, and decorate with them your flats with the help of a silicone gun. Surely it will draw a lot of attention and you can proudly say to anyone that asks that you made them yourself.

  1. If you are good at knitting you can take advantage of different tutorials available online and start knitting a comfy pair of sleepers, for those days when you decide to keep yourself warm at home.

With these ideas you can give a second chance to your worn and used shoes and show them off as if they’re brand new, so get to it!


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