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5 Daily Habits to Sharpen Your Intelligence

Keeping your mind healthy and sharp does not only improve your grades or help you as a professional, it actually makes you a mentally healthy person. Training your cognitive skills is handy for stressful situations as you start thinking logically and putting things into perspective. So here are five excellent daily habits to acquire to sharpen your intelligence. 

Play video or casino games

Many people may say that playing video or casino games is harmful, but did you know that playing poker has great mental advantages while blackjack relieves stress aiding your mental abilities? You can find these games at MrBet and enjoy a great pastime while sharpening your intelligence. 

Improve your memory

According to a comparative study, London taxi drivers had a larger hippocampus than London bus drivers. It means that their brain has more extensive access to memories thanks to discovering and remembering new routes every day. It is a good idea to set up a new route from your home to work, try a new workout or cook a meal by following an unfamiliar recipe to you. 

Perform mental exercises

One of the main ways to avoid brain “aging” is by doing mental exercises. Mental activity stimulates brain cells, enabling them to communicate with one another and improving your cognitive skills. Challenge your brain by playing some of these games:

  • Solitaire
  • Rubik’s cube
  • Sudoku
  • Lumosity
  • Happy Neuron

You can stick to traditional crosswords too, or try modern cognitive apps that provide entertaining and challenging cognitive training sessions. 

If you’re looking for a more personalized challenge, you can also try the strengthsfinder themes list that can help you identify your natural talents and areas of strength. Once you know your top themes, you can start to look for activities and challenges that will help you use your strengths to the fullest.

Start making schedules

Considering how everyone’s life is hectic and stressed, making schedules is undoubtedly a smart decision. Schedules can improve your personal development growth and help you prioritize things in your life. Once you stick to a schedule for a day, you will be surprised by how many tasks you are able to perform in 24 hours and how well-organized you can be. Time management is extremely important if you want to keep stress levels down. We often get overwhelmed by the bunch of things we should do this day, week or month. This is when scheduling comes in handy.

Get quality sleep

One thing that you will never regret is getting quality sleep. Our brain can not perform at its best if we are tired. Quality sleep and cognitive performance are tightly connected. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep will surprise you with good attention, long-term memory, and decision-making. 

These 5 clever tips sound more like fun than a challenge. Who would like to play a video game, try a new workout or have a longer sleep? Everyone! The last piece of advice is to acquire and stick to these habits as they will bring you so many positives in the long run. 

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