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5 Closet Essentials Everyone Needs

Certain clothes are just classic! Classic clothing items are considered wardrobe staples because we can wear them most days of the week, regardless of the occasion. Wardrobe staples also make great pieces for layering and outfit styling when you want to incorporate something special into your look. By filling your closet with the clothes you need to create stellar outfits, you give yourself endless opportunities to create to-die-for fashion looks! To learn more about wardrobe staples, here are five closet essentials everyone needs!

1.  Your Go-To Pair Of Jeans

Everyone has their favorite pair of jeans; as you might have noticed, they only get better with age. Like fine leather, denim has a way of aging gracefully, giving you more opportunities to create new and vintage-inspired outfits. Be sure to line your closet with enough jeans to keep you styling all year!

There are no better casual pants than denim jeans. Not only are jeans durable and created in many different shapes and sizes for all bodies in mind, but they also hold up in all kinds of weather. Whether it’s a summer day or a winter blizzard, you can count on your jeans to keep you comfortable.

2.  Get Your V-Neck T-Shirts

Fill your closet with V-neck t-shirts! A simple V-neck t-shirt can go a long way in improving your style. You can wear your t-shirts as they are with a pair of jeans or slacks, or you can layer your t-shirts with fashionable accessories like three-chain necklaces or elongated diamonds, suede jackets, or a cute and casual hoodie. Your V-neck t-shirt acts as the base layer in most of these fashion situations, giving you more opportunities to style your outfits.

3.  Tank Tops And Undershirts

For the days you want to wear a cardigan or a blazer, you’ll need a fitting undershirt to keep you warm and styled well. Go with tank tops and undershirts that are light enough not to crowd your figure but warm enough to keep you comfortable. Tank tops also pair well with blouses and mock-style kimonos. Create new looks by integrating tank tops as another option for a base layer.

4.  Black Dress Pants

You never know when you might need to attend a formal event. Keep a pair of black dress pants in your closet for the occasion. When your calendar is empty, know that you can always wear your black pants to dinner or on a casual day when you feel like dressing up a bit. They’re so versatile that you really can’t go wrong! Black goes with everything in your closet. Pair your trousers and blouse outfits with kitten heels or black boots and create cute outfits that blend casual and formal attire.

5.  A Rad And Rare Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are perfect for when the weather is unpredictable. Whether it is the middle of autumn or a chilly spring evening, you have a sturdy jacket that will be true to you! Look for cool jean jackets with patches and other markings for a unique look like no one else. You can find mid-length jean jackets resting above the hips or standard length. Play with different cuts to see which style works best for you.

Fill Your Closet With The Best Wardrobe Essentials

Every closet should be equipped with the wardrobe staples needed to create awesome outfits every day. See what creative outfits you come up with and play around with what works! You can integrate the above suggestions into any wardrobe to provide yourself with comfort, style, and possibility!

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