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5 Checks You Need to Make Before Choosing a Hostel in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona: a classic favorite of those who wish to escape the rain on a holiday retreat or just one seeking a break from their mundane lives on holiday. Most holiday makers will make an absurd amount of checks, and hours are spent prepping the day of the flight, but they get there and what happens? They are left stranded as they didn’t check the right thing. So, what are the most important things you should certainly make sure to check and double check before choosing a hostel in Barcelona? Well, they’re listed below.

·         You must check that you have your suitcases packed, checked, ready and weighed. This is a classic first check that many do and struggle with due to them either forgetting something vital to them such as a child’s favorite teddy or their medication. However, the opposite can also occur where people forget about the impending doom usually given to you at the airport if your bag is even a smidgen over your allowance; where you are sometimes slapped with a massive debt-giving surcharge for having more than they say you could have. Both either forgetting or forgetting the impending doom both leads to the same fate for both unlucky perpetrators of the offense. Both will lead to extra delays at the airport during your travels and could even cost you money either to replace things or to throw things away. However, both can be easily solved by asking: do I really need it? And by double checking that you have everything that you need.

·         Travel plans: You can’t get to Spain if there is no way to travel to an airport, harbor or even just to the train station. Strikes are common within the transportation sector where workers will usually demand better pay and working conditions which is fair enough for the workers. However, strikes can occur at any time of the year, leaving many stranded somewhere on route to their destinations. But strikes usually occur with plenty of warning. So, check the news for any hint of strike action and plan your journey to Barcelona with that in mind.

·         Legal Works: Do you have a valid passport? Do you need a Visa? Do you have the right Visa? Without any of these admittedly boring paperwork items you can get to Barcelona, but you won’t be able to get in. So, this should be done in advance, as it usually takes a minimum of 2 weeks for the paperwork to clear.

·         Turn off gas, electricity and water (usually electricity) if you can to your home so that you don’t incur charges for something like a light bulb that is switched on. Electricity is cheap but the costs soon add up bit by bit and can snowball into a monstrous bill. Furthermore, this could also be an extra security to insure that freak accidents such as a burst water pipe does minimal damage if it does occur; the damage is minimized as there would be no water continuously flowing through the house so all that leaks out is the water already in the pipes which, is minimal already.

·         Where you are going to stay? This seems like a no brainer if you’re going on holiday. You must need a place to stay over in Barcelona. This is the easiest bit to check even if left till last minute via websites such as offering a quick and comprehensive guide on the best places to stay in a quick, easy and accessible form. By searching online for cool places to stay it could also help you find out where you could go into Barcelona for a bit of tourism or partying if you wished.

The final check, although not an actual check is still and honorable mention. You should make sure to enjoy your stay in Barcelona. Have a great time!


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