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4 Ways to Play Up Your Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts may just be the most feared hairstyle in the game. Chopping off all of your locks can be a pretty terrifying concept. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and some of us aren’t quite ready for that kind of commitment.

Well, we’ve got it all wrong. So many people think that pixie cuts are all about one single look. They think you lose all creativity and any ability to do something fun with your hair. When we think pixie, we think the same solid hairstyle until our hair grows out. Oh, how wrong we were.

Pixie cuts don’t have to abide by one uniform hairstyle. You can have fun with your pixie cut, too! There are countless ways you can style your chopped locks to keep them looking different and new. If you’re looking for ways to have some fun with your pixie cut- we’re here to hook you up!

Va-Va-Voom Volume

One of the most common misconceptions about pixie cuts is that your hair will always be flat. People worry it’ll emphasize the size of your head or simply look unflattering. So, so wrong!

Some of our favorite celebrity pixie cuts are actually all about the volume! If you cut your pixie cut at the right length, then you can always go for some crazy volume. One of the most popular pixie cut styles is typically made with crazy volume.

All you have to do is curl your hair and brush it out as you normally would to get waves. Then it’s all about the products! A good texturizing spray is your new best friend. It’s going to help you position your hair into place to keep it looking big and fluffy!

Choppy Chops

Another fun way to style your pixie cut is to get it extra choppy. Ask your hairstylist to put in blunt layers. What this is going to do is give you a bunch of blunt edges on your head that can look super editorial!

It is definitely a more edgy kind of look, but this look is guaranteed to catch every room’s attention! Pull your hair to the front to give you blunt edged bangs that frame your face beautifully. We’re just obsessed with how fun and unique this look can be!

Side-Swept Sweetie

There are no rules to how long you want your pixie cut to be…Ok, well there’s definitely the general rule that your hair shouldn’t really reach past your ears- that would kind of defeat the purpose. But you can still have some length to work with!

Sweeping your hair to one side and letting it flop over is a way to emphasize your length even more! The side swept pixie cut gives some much needed volume and just looks super classical and elegant. Who said your pixie cut had to look bold and edgy all of the time?

Rocker Chic Chick

If we’re honest, this look is definitely one of the funnest benefits of pixie cuts. Generally, most people go for pixie cuts solely in order to achieve this effortlessly rocker chic look!

All you have to do is give your look some edginess with shaved sides and flip your hair back at the front! That’s genuinely all it takes to give your pixie cut some rocker chic vibes. We’re all about pairing this look with a classical/elegant outfit to play the two sides off each other. Why choose when you can be edgy and elegant?


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