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4 Ways to Improve Your Natural Beauty According to Priyanka Chopra

Where would we be without Netflix? It’s crazy to think about how many hours we’ve spent this past year binge watching TV shows? Not going to lie, we have zero shame. A good portion of those hours were spent binge watching ABC’s “Quantico”. Partially we’re drawn to the crazy interesting plot line, but if we’re honest it’s mostly to fangirl over Priyanka Chopra.

We must admit, we generally obsess over the natural Indian beauty of Bollywood actresses, but Priyanka Chopra has just further upped the ante. The Indian beauty stole our hearts onscreen and her magazine interviews only furthered our love for her. She’s down to earth and keeps it real always. When asked about her beauty secrets she’s always surprised and humble. We love that! After picking her brain via countless interviews, we’ve put together her top three beauty secrets and we’re here to dish.

All Natural for a Natural Beauty

Are we even surprised anymore? It seems that every time we wonder what the secrets behind a beautiful women are always, without fail, all-natural. They’re all about stripping down to the basics and using all natural home remedies. Can we blame them? They work like a charm and we’re all about it!

Scrub Your Lips to Perfection

Priyanka Chopra stands out for her countless beautiful attributes, but one of our faves has to be her lips! Granted, she’s naturally blessed with plump and luscious lips, but, we still want to know her secret to keeping them in amazing shape.
The actress swears by a simple natural DIY recipe for the perfect lip scrub. All it takes is three ingredients: a pinch of sea salt, vegetable glycerin, and rose water. Mix the ingredients together and then rub it onto your lips in circular motion. The scrub leaves your lips looking plumper and feeling smoother. We also love how it leaves your lips looking pinker and more pigmented- you might even be able to skip the lipstick!

Coconut Oil Everywhere

Any true beauty DIY-er swears by this ingredient for everything. Understandably so, it works miracles. Whether you use it in a DIY recipe or just use coconut oil alone, it always seems to work. We love it as a makeup remover or even as a body lotion, but Priyanka has another use for it.
We’ve heard about coconut oil as a hair mask, but Priyanka goes the extra mile. She reminisced about how her grandmother used to always rub it into her scalp. The actress still swears by a stimulating scalp massage using coconut oil to help her hair grow stronger and longer. She loves doing it while watching TV, maybe we’ll try it the next time we binge on “Quantico”.

Aaaaand More Coconut…

It’s not all about outside beauty as far as Priyanka’s concerned. She swears by treating the body from the inside out. What you put into your body shows on the outside.
Coconut water does wonders for your body. Drinking it regularly keeps you super hydrated, and hydration shows on your skin. She swears by constantly drinking coconut water to keep her skin looking healthy and youthful. We’re about to invest in as much coconut water as we can, aren’t you?


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