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4 Travel Tips When Boarding a Plane

While sitting on the plane, watching people board it made me think of a few travel tips.

1. Pay Attention to the Announcements

When you are at the gates waiting to board, you should pay attention to the announcements. I often hear flight attendants asking travelers to check in a roller bag prior to boarding because there is limited space on the aircraft. However, very few people do so. By not following instructions, you may end up stuck in the airplane aisle, blocking people behind you since there is no space left in the overhead compartment for your bag.

2. Memorize your Seat Number

This is a no brainer. Every seat is labeled with one number and one letter. How hard is it to remember it? Today, there was a guy who was holding up the airplane simply because he could not find his ticket and had no idea what seat number he was assigned. So please, look at your ticket before you board and go straight to your seat.

3. Don’t Lean Forward

Now, this one is really ridiculous and embarrassing. If you want to chat with someone on the plane be considerate towards others as the space is super tight. Don’t lean forward as you might stick your rear into someone’s face. Yep, just like this guy did today on the flight to Miami.

4. Be Considerate If You’re Sitting at the Window or Middle Seat

Similar principle applies when you’re sitting at the window or in the middle of the row. If you need to get out of your seat, please pass the persons sitting next to you by facing them and not with your rear on their face. It’s a common sense.


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