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4 Things To Know About The Different Types Of Cryptocurrency Apps

It is safe to say that cryptocurrencies have become extremely popular over the past couple of years, and are practically way more accessible to people. These days, you can stumble upon numerous brokerage companies that enable investors to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies along with their mutual funds, stocks, and other types of investments.

What’s even better is the fact that there are cryptocurrency exchanges that have made this whole process more user-friendly, and this especially refers to those who have amazing cryptocurrency trading apps.

So if you’re interested in selling and trading digital currencies while on the move, then you should definitely consider having these apps, and if you need some recommendations, below you’ll reveal some.


What do we know about this app? Namely, many cryptocurrency experts think of it as the best crypto app out there. If you decide to opt for this app, you will be utilizing a brokerage company regulated and authored by several tier-one financial bodies. What does it include?

It includes CySEC, SEC, FCA, and ASIC. This is a great thing because it makes sure that all your trades are executed safely. Additionally, this application is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices, and plus it will enable you to get access to a variety of different markets.

Furthermore, it has over forty-three crypto assets in total and lets you make deposits in fiat by using credit/debit card, PayPal, and bank transfer. It’s worth mentioning that this spectacular crypto trading application provides to users some of the most competitive fees in the world.

How come? Well, it’s only because you’ll only need to pay the spread once you decide to place orders. Plus, if you live in the United States, you can easily withdraw funds and deposit funds fee-free. 

Besides all these amazing facts that were listed here, this app also gives you access to different ETFs and stocks, along with tradable markets on forex, indices, and commodities. Moreover, it enables users to trade passively.


As far as auto-trading is concerned, it’s difficult to stumble across an app that works as well as this one does. Namely, Pionex features sixteen free in-built trading bots that streamline auto trading.

What’s spectacular about it is the fact that it is considered to be one of the safest apps in the world when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. Additionally, Pionex aggregates liquidity near ticker prices from various platforms like Huobi, Binance, and many others. 

Furthermore, this application has managed to obtain a highly appreciated and respected license by FinCEN, plus what makes it even more tempting is the fact that its trading fee is extremely low in comparison to other exchanges. Below, we will once again remind you of its spectacular features:

  • Low trading fees on every single transaction
  • 16 free-to-utilize trading bots
  • The user-friendly mobile app interface
  • High-quality email and live chat support


This can be defined as a specialized cryptocurrency exchange that lets you trade different digital currencies, 107 at the newest count. It involves a majority of top coins, such as Bitcoin. The question is how much are you going to pay for the basic service?

Sadly, Coinbase has become pretty vague when it comes to this. Back in the day, when the fee was visible, the entire structure was pretty complex. Namely, you would pay a spread markup of around 0.5%, and then a transaction fee highly dependent on the funding source and the transaction.

If you decide to opt for Coinbase Pro, then you will have to pay fees that begin at 0.5% for trades that are lower than $10,000 and 0.15% for up to $100,000 in volume. 

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This one is intended mostly for large investors, hence, if you consider yourself to be experienced enough and someone who usually allocates substantial amounts of money to your investments, then precisely this app is the best choice for you.

Additionally, this extremely popular cryptocurrency app is regulated in the United States and has turned out to be one of the few platforms that have been licensed by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Now, if you decide to download this application to any of the devices that you are using, you are going to greatly benefit from institutional-grade security, as well as a wide range of insurance schemes. 

Even though a lot of people have hesitated to enter this exciting world of cryptocurrency, due to numerous scams that have occurred in the last couple of years, precisely these apps have shown them that things are not as scary as they appear to be at first glance and that they can freely buy and sell crypto.

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