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4 Reasons Why Travel Should Be an Essential Part of Your Business

Finding your travel bug and moving your headquarters wherever your please can yield many benefits both to you personally, and to your work. For those who are riddled with doubt, it’s never too late to kickstart your travel plans when your finally feel ready; when you put things in perspective, it might just help you make the final decision and introduce a whole new level of excitement to your professional path.

One-on-one conversations

The importance of a personal touch to your business cannot be overstated. When you make the effort of leaving your post to meet a client and spend a few days with them, you significantly increase your chances of striking another deal, or simply reinforcing the existing one. Spending one-on-one time with them helps you learn how they tick, get better acquainted with their business structure, and gain their trust to stay with you for the long haul.

The beauty of the modern age allows you to stay put even for the big milestones such as your first project launch, so you can arrange meetings via Skype or any other PM tool you’re using. By all means, you can visit their offices only when the situation requires it, such as renewing a contract, but even then, it might seem redundant. However, going the extra mile (or a few!) will show them that you’re dedicated, and that you are genuinely interested in investing in your collaboration.

Mingling opportunities

Even if you’re still on the prowl for new clients or making your name known in the industry, traveling gives you a chance to build your own reputation. Research and book a spot in the events such as lectures, conferences, or fairs that get you in the same room with potential customers. Test out which suit gives you more courage, and which one seems the most effective and comfortable when you meet and greet prospective clients.

You can even aim only to brush up your pitch and improve your presentation at a smaller event as a preparation for the real deal. Dress to impress and accessorize to awe – from finding the perfect set of sharp suits that reflect your character and give you confidence, to bringing your Parker pen and your brand-new planner. Every detail will help you create a striking presentation and attract prospective business your way.

Life on a budget

The common belief is that it takes quite a hefty bank account to travel to certain destinations and experience them fully, but the founder of, Jay Meistrich, proves the exact opposite can also be true. You might not be inclined to go to extreme lengths like he did, but you can at least change your location to a number of places that will actually lower your costs of living and improve your quality of life.

It might sound too good to be true, but perhaps your next stop is just around the corner, or all the way across the globe – you can compare and contrast with Nomad List, seek out people who live in your desired destination, or simply try your luck. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture, get fresh inspiration, and learn about how business is done elsewhere, all of which will significantly broaden your horizons in addition to safeguarding your wallet.


Learning about others and sneaking a peek into their world can help you embrace and create new dimensions of your own personality. You will surely make valuable connections wherever you go, but most importantly, you will put yourself in a few challenging situations, because simply put: you’re in someone else’s turf, and it takes courage to find your place somewhere new.

Not only will you build and test your business stamina every time you visit a new destination, but you’ll significantly enrich your life with experiences beyond financial gain or grooming your practice. And that personal growth alone will be more than enough to give you plenty of working material to launch your business into the stars.


Author: Emma Lawson



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