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4 Gift Ideas and Activities for Galentine’s Day with Your Best Friends

It’s that time of year when celebrating friendships lets us show our besties how much we love and appreciate them. Regardless of what’s planned, Galentine’s Day is a special celebration where the ladies can ditch the guys for a day, or single ladies can share fun times with their gal pals. 

Perhaps you’ve been designated as this year’s host for events and are wondering what the best ideas for are planning a memorable holiday this year. Well, you’ll be happy to know you can have the ultimate Galentine’s Day with a little planning.

Check out these four gift ideas and activities for Galentine’s Day with your best friends.

1. Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates

What could be better than a traditional gift of chocolates for your bestie who has a sweet tooth? First, choose a heart-shaped box in pink, gold, or red. Some also have velvety exteriors for a luscious look and feel as well. Who knows? After finishing those delectable treats, she may want to hold onto the box to house jewelry or other keepsakes. Add a bottle of Moscato or her favorite wine, and she’ll be in sweet bliss with this thoughtful Galentine’s Day gift.

2. A Galentine’s Lingerie Swap

Celebrate friendship with a Galentine’s Day lingerie swap this year. To do so, plan a party with your besties and have fun with some sexy lingerie that she can wear all year. Choose a sexy Valentine gift for her that celebrates her beauty, like baby doll dresses, teddies, or body suits with peek-a-boo features. Or, plan an evening with delicious Valentine’s treats, including cookies, chocolates, and a smorgasbord of appetizers paired with wine. After everything is said and done, you’ll likely want to make this party a Galentine’s Day event year after year.

3. Secret Cupid

All your besties will love this version of Secret Santa for Valentine’s Day when you plan a Secret Cupid event. It’s the perfect way to include all your single friends or family. Set a date for the Galentine’s Day bash and plan a menu and games that everyone can play. You could decide on a potluck dinner and have each of your besties bring a bottle of their favorite wine for a tasting. Cheers!

4. Basket of Personalized Spa Essentials

Show your besties how much you appreciate them always being there for you by giving them a basket filled with personalized spa essentials. Fill the basket with block soaps customized with their initials, fuzzy slippers, creamy lotions, and scented bath gels. You can also add a plush terry cloth robe that’s monogrammed with their name for a gift they can use for years. And, if you want to do something extra, give her a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure at her favorite salon. 

Girl Time is the Best Time

There’s nothing like having a best friend with whom to share life’s moments — and celebrating that friendship is what Galentine’s Day is all about. Create memories for your YaYa sisterhood by planning fun activities. And consider these gift ideas for a memorable holiday you’ll be chatting about forever!

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