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4 Food Items That Might be Giving You Acne

Acne is smart. It really is. It’s like that clever bad guy in every movie. It knows just when to screw you over. Who hasn’t woken up on the morning of a very important day to find some new friends on their face? Try as we might, acne always gets the better of us.

Some forms of acne can be much more severe than others. It depends on a number of things from genetics to hormones. Whether you have acne or not, we have all suffered the occasional breakout. Sometimes it seems like nothing can work to fix them. We all sadly end up popping our pimples and are left with scars. Well, no more! We are so over it. We’re determined to do whatever we can to prevent acne, and we’ve found some ways.

You Are What You Eat

Drink more water,” is a statement that will forever and always be everyone’s top tip to avoiding acne. Well, sometimes that just doesn’t seem to cut it! Acne is so difficult to treat. There are countless spot treatments on the market and yet they never seem to do the trick. That’s why we’re all about prevention.

One of the best steps you can take towards preventing acne or breakouts is to simply watch what you eat. We all constantly hear that we need to pay more attention to our diets, well we definitely started listening when we realized that what we eat can be reflected on our faces! Here are some foods we can all avoid to try to keep our skin clear.


The biggest and most drastic change that you will visibly see is cutting out dairy. Vegans have constantly swore that their skin clears up dramatically as soon as they go vegan. It is crazy to see how much of a difference one simple food group can make.

Dairy is known to be the number one food category that is prone to causing acne or breakouts. This can be in the form of cheese or milk or whatever dairy product you eat most regularly. Give it a try. Cut out dairy for about a month. You’ll be wowed by the results!


Ah, the ultimate comfort food. Hearing that you should cut out chocolate is probably the biggest heartbreak of them all! The things we do for our skin.

It’s no secret that chocolate is a sugary treat, well all that sugar is terrible for your skin. Now, we aren’t evil, we’re not trying to tell you to completely cut chocolate out. A few squares every now and then is fine. Overindulging in chocolate however is where the issue is.

Starchy Foods

It’s starting to sound like all the joys of the food world are perpetrators, why is our skin doing this to us!? Unfortunately, starchy foods also commonly do more harm than good for your acne.

Breads, bagels, and potatoes are great options to cut out to see if your acne goes down. We’re constantly told to cut these carbs out for weight loss purposes, and it just turns out that they help tone down your acne, as well!

Fried Foods

You’re done with us, right? Trust us, we’re hating every second of this too. It seems like all those foods that dieticians tell us to watch out for actually affect a lot more than just our waistline!

Fried foods are the ultimate comfort foods. What binge watch of a tv show is complete without some fried fast food? Well, fried foods can have the biggest impact on your acne! The more fried foods your diet consists of, the more aggravated your skin can look. Even people that aren’t acne-prone can expect the odd breakout if you indulge in too much KFC!


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