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4 Beauty Habits You Need to Stop NOW

We go to such great lengths and spend so much time and money taking care of our skin, hair, and nails, but how much is really necessary? You’ll be surprised to learn that there are actually several steps in your beauty routine that you can (maybe even should) be skipping. And who knows, you might even mind skipping these steps saves you significantly in terms of time and money!

Stop Buffing Your Nails

You go to your favorite mani-pedi spot, and you know the drill: remove polish, cut, file, buff, push back the cuticles, trim those up, and finally apply polish. So many steps! Do you think it’s all really necessary? In terms of regular at-home maintenance, buffing is actually not necessary since polish will more easily adhere to smooth textures. In fact, too much buffing will cause your nails to become brittle, so go ahead and save that step for the pros!

Soapy Bubbles

We’re not telling you to skip all bubble baths for the rest of your life, but we’d like you to think twice before you include a soapy bubble bath into your daily (or even weekly) routine. Some people feel as though they’re just not cleansing adequately without one on the reg, but the truth is that those suds tend to do more harm than good when you’re soaking in them. Why? Most soaps that cause suds contain chemicals and ingredients that dry the skin, like alcohol. It’s true – you may jump out of the tub smelling like a rose, but what you’ve really done is stripped your skin of moisture. If you must soak in the tub regularly, try epsom salts, milk, or honey.

Picking the Dirt from Beneath Your Nails

If you’re someone who obsesses over your nails (or an avid gardener), you’ve likely noticed yourself picking out the dirt from beneath your nail beds at least a few times recently. Did you know that doing this can actually irritate the skin beneath your nail beds, and cause your nail beds to shrink? Long nail beds are a coveted feature, so you’ll want to do anything and everything in your power to protect those. So, rather than pick that dirt out, try scratching a bar of soap with your fingernails, and then wash your hands; the dirt should dissolve and lift right out.

Washing, Drying, Heat-Styling Hair Daily

Have you paid attention to just how damaging a high heat hair dryer and flat iron can be to your hair? Even with protective products, over time, these accessories tend to wreak havoc on even the healthiest locks, leaving them frizzy and limp at best. Stylists are now encouraging people to change things up: do your best to train your hair so that you don’t need to wash it every day.

Depending on your body chemistry, you may only get away with washing every other day; some can get away with a once a week wash. In addition to cutting back on washing and drying, learn to style your hair naturally, without heat. Top knots, braids, beach-y waves are all possible with minimal effort and damage to your hair.


Don’t waste time, money, and tear on your body doing things that simply aren’t necessary!

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