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3 Winter Nail Colors to Wear This Season

Our nails had it pretty easy over the past few months. From the obvious rusty orange or deep berry tones throughout fall, to all the glitter and bright reds that came with Christmas, picking your next nail colors at the salon was pretty effortless. Now that the holiday season is over and the new year is here, we’re all wondering what winter nail colors to rock this season.

Nails are one of our favorite ways to rock a new trend. Every season of every year comes with its new color trends, and we love painting our nails with whatever colors they may be! It’s such an easy and fun way to incorporate trends. If you’re completely lost on what nail color to go for next, we’ve broken down the top winter nail color trends of the season. Here’s what you should rock next.


Get excited, your favorite teenage rebellion nail color is finally back! We can’t be the only ones that think of Avril Lavigne everytime we think of black nails. Something about them just screams teenage years. Well, luckily they now scream class and style.


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Black nails have been all over the runways this winter, and we are loving it. The nail color is back in a big way and suddenly what once was chipped and messy now looks sleek and classy. Black is a great nail color to go for this winter.

Taupes/ Greys

If you ask us, this nail color is timeless. A classic simple taupe/grey is always an easy nail color to turn to if you want a neutral wearable look. Well, greys are also very in this season!


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The neutral vibes make taupes and greys super easy to wear. They go with every outfit and every look, and we find that grey is super flattering on every skin tone. Who doesn’t want something that leaves their hands’ skin tone looking smooth as silk? Just us?


Chrome nails were huge this past year, and while they died down for a while they are back in a big way this winter. Forget about metallic or shimmery nail colors, it is all about the chrome now.


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The thing about chrome nails is that they don’t just give you shine and glitz, but their reflective effect is what we love about them most. Our favorite has to be rose gold chrome nails; why not rock two trends at once!

Bonus Trend: Accent Dots

If you’re into creative nail art and aren’t looking for simple color trends, then we’ve got you covered as well. The biggest nail art trend this season also happens to be one of the simplest to achieve — accent dots.


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The trend really is as simple as it sounds. All it takes is popping a dot on top of whichever color you go for. This super easy trend looks beautiful and elegant. We’re obsessed!



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